30 May 2012 0 Comments

JULIA the Quintessential CASEY/OBAMA Voter

Julia, the CASEY/OBAMA 2012  Campaign’s Composite Voter, is a tax taker, not a tax maker. That’s for other people. The Tom Smith Voter is the tax maker,  the taxpayer who works, saves and invests. “Julia” is Obama 2012 campaign’s composite government dependent who lives on the kindness of others and the voters to whom the […]

28 May 2012 0 Comments

Poor Julia: Ethanol – E 15 Bad For Your Car; Bad For Taxpayer and Bad For People Who Get Hungry

“As if E10 ethanol mandates aren’t folly enough, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will now permit ethanol manufacturers to register as E15 gasoline suppliers.”  This is not a good thing for your car, for food prices and for taxpayer who has to pay more for fuel and more for food. ” READ MORE 2 May […]

27 May 2012 0 Comments

Julia, Jack Welch, Jennifer Rubin: “Having It All In the Work Place”

“But you can’t, at least outside “The Life of Julia,” escape the consequences of choices.”  READ MORE Jack Welch, Julia and the fallacy of working women ‘having it all’  Jennifer Rubin  WaPo 4 May 2012