1 March 2012 0 Comments

Rick Perry Was Right About Turkey: NYTimes Wrong-Jonathan Tobin Michael Rubin

Commentary Contentions insightful Jonathan Tobin (23Jan2012)analyzes the NYTimes Jackson Diehl’s mistaken view of the US Turkey relationship: Obama’s Favorite Foreign Leader 23Jan2012. American Enterprise Institute Michael Rubin on Turkey and Terrorism, an enabler and financier 18Jan2012. David P. Goldman in Middle East Quarterly Winter 2011-12 writes that Erdogan’s Turkish economy is near collapse. Let us […]

6 December 2011 0 Comments

Herman Cain: Uninformed on Foreign Policy – Jonathan Tobin Commentary Contentions

The astute and insightful Jonathan Tobin, Senior Online Editor of Commentary Magazine Contentions,  exposes Herman Cain’s fatal flaw that disqualifies him from serious consideration. IRAN IRAN IRAN and China and Russia and the UN – America is not an island1. Commentary Contentions        Herman Cain Still Proudly Ignorant on Foreign Policy Jonathan S. Tobin 10.16.2011 – […]

24 August 2011 0 Comments

Earmarks for Terrorism: US Taxpayer Finances Terrorists’ Salaries – Palestinian Authority Taxpayer Subsidies

The brilliantly insightful Jonathan Tobin, American and Zionist draws out attention to Israeli Itamar Marcus’ Palestinian Media Watch’s recent report on what is a perplexing and upsetting use of American Taxpayer money: to pay terrorists which, inevitably means, promoting terrorism. As the US debates a selective shutdown of programs, subsidies and expenditures, this may be […]

23 July 2011 0 Comments

Why Democrats Can’t Be Trusted With Foreign Policy: Tanks to Egypt

The brilliantly insightful and most committed Zionist Jonathan Tobin alerts us of yet another bad policy decision by the Obama Administration sending tanks to Egypt’s increasingly anti-American and anti-Israel post Mubarak regime does not advance peace in any way and, in fact, empowers the most radical inclinations of Egypt’s new regime. Tanks to Egypt which […]