14 April 2012 0 Comments

Keystone XL Pipeline: Envrionmentalism Covers for Marxist Alinsky Demonization of Fossil Fuel

Hot Air reports (29 February 2012): Bill Clinton on Keystone XL Pipeline: “Embrace It”. Joe Nocera NYTimes: ” As it turns out, the environmental movement doesn’t just want to shut down Keystone. Its real goal, as I discovered when I spoke recently to Michael Brune, the executive director of the Sierra Club, is much bigger. […]

10 October 2011 0 Comments

Yikes! The NYTimes Defends Boeing’s Choice of Right to Work South Carolina

Café Hayek’s Don Boudreaux brings this unusual circumstance to our attention: The Leftist NYTimes columnist Joe Nocera agrees with Boeing that it is entitled to build its Dreamliner in Right to Work South Carolina because it needs assurance of “no strikes” in order to meet its contractual deadlines. The Obama Administration has packed the NLRB […]