2 October 2011 0 Comments

8 November ShapiroRichards The Record-They Can’t Be Trusted With Money – Part 1 – like Hoeffel/Matthews, Can’t Be Trusted with Money

Josh Shapiro, like Hoeffel/Matthews Can’t Be Trusted with Money. On August 16, Hoeffel/Matthews said County finances are in great shape. A week later, budget shortfall of $24.4 million dollars appears –ooops.  Note Commissioner Hoeffel’s blasé dismissal of the County’s historically high debt. I think that tells us what is on his mind. More debt as […]

20 July 2011 0 Comments

8 November Josh Shapiro Votes Against Governor Corbett’s Common Sense Budget

On total spending, the 2011-12 total operating budget of $65.4 Billion Dollars represents the first reduction in spending in more than 40 years.   There remain significant liabilities that The Forgotten Taxpayer will have to finance because spending cuts were not deep enough to address  growing deficits unemployment compensation or pensions, which the Governor, the General […]