27 December 2011 0 Comments

MontCo Budget Deficit 2012: What Will Republican Jim Matthews Do? Devil or Angel? Taxes or Spending Restraint?

Abington Patch has done us a service with this breaking news demonstrating a key advantage of digital journalism over paper journalism. This is breaking news about MontCo’s almost $44.5 million shortfall out of an approximate $401 million dollar budget, about 11% budget deficit. DEVIL OR ANGEL? Will Republican Jim Matthews cut spending a prudent, fiscal […]

2 October 2011 0 Comments

8 November ShapiroRichards The Record-They Can’t Be Trusted With Money – Part 1 – like Hoeffel/Matthews, Can’t Be Trusted with Money

Josh Shapiro, like Hoeffel/Matthews Can’t Be Trusted with Money. On August 16, Hoeffel/Matthews said County finances are in great shape. A week later, budget shortfall of $24.4 million dollars appears –ooops.  Note Commissioner Hoeffel’s blasé dismissal of the County’s historically high debt. I think that tells us what is on his mind. More debt as […]