26 October 2012 0 Comments

Chaka Fattah – Truman Reagan Real Deal Independent Jim Foster – “Anybody but Chaka Fattah”

Jim Foster hopes ‘anyone but Fattah’ dynamic helps him win long shot bid for Congress October 10, 2012  NewsWorks Brian Hickey  with Video Germantown Independent newspaper publisher Jim Foster (right)  speaks with voter   In 2006, Rep. Fattah presented Jim Foster with Malcom X Award.             Jim Foster’s long shot […]

22 September 2012 0 Comments

Jim Foster INDEPENDENT for Democratic Values: Chaka Fattah Elitist Opportunist – The Pharaoh of Failure – The Issue is “Where Did All the Money Go?”

Chaka Fattah is a Star  19 years  and What Has Chaka Done for You, Your Family or the 2d District Community? 100s of 1,000,000s of $$$$ spent and the result? Good for Chaka; Not Good for You.        You have a Choice 6 November. Split the Ticket for INDEPENDENT Jim Foster. We need […]

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Focus on Fraud: Man v Machine, the Philadelphia Machine – Real Deal Independent Jim Foster takes on Chaka Fattah and Philadelphia’s Bipartisan Incumbent Protection Racket

After an initial effort to keep real deal Jim Foster, who gathered 4,000 nominating signatures well above the 1715 threshold, off the ballot, the State bureaucracy and the system of law, rules and regulations designed to limit ballot access to independent citizens who think that a “government of the people, by the people and for […]

7 July 2012 0 Comments

TrumanReagan Independent for Democratic Values Jim Foster Challenges Chaka Fattah

INDEPENDENT Independent Jim Foster, publisher and small businessman, lifelong resident of Germantown,retired Marine,  challenges 18 year incumbent Chaka Fattah  for US House. It’s not the hand that signs the laws that hold the destiny of America. It’s the hand that casts the ballot.” ~ President Harry Truman  Jim Foster, publisher, INDEPENDENT for democratic values; end […]

13 April 2012 0 Comments

April 24th – Part 10 Kathleen Kane Endorsed by Northwest Independent

The Northwest Independent and affiliated newspapers  have endorsed Kathlee Kane dropped at 36,000 households in heavily Democratic Northwest Philadelphia Publisher Jim Foster is a true Independent who, like me, admires Harry Truman. Rep. Rosita Youngblood is an independent minded person who does not always play well with Democratic Leadership AND who is well respected by […]

16 December 2011 0 Comments

Philadelphia’s Man of Steel Al Schmidt Commissioner of Voting: Brett Mandel Righteous Democrat Reporting- Jim Foster Publisher

Independent Jim Foster’s Germantown Newspapers, Germantown Chronicle and Mt Airy Independent, present Bulldog Brett Mandel,Righteous Democrat, who makes some telling points about Republican Mild Mannered Reformer Man of Steel Al Schmidt, newly elected Commissioner of Voting, and the future of the Fatah-Evans-Hughes-Nutter Democratic organization, a conduit of taxpayer money to Democratic operatives in Philadelphia. The […]

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Jim Foster Challenges Fattah Evans Northwest Philadelphia Network

Jim Foster is a lifelong Independent, and is running as an Independent for the council seat. Even as he got into the race less than a week before the deadline to file nomination petitions, he was able in six short days to get 875 signatures, well over the minimum of 750. Jim Foster is a […]

25 July 2011 0 Comments

North West Philadelphia’s 8th District: Germantown Independent Jim Foster

Germantown Independent Jim Foster publishes Germantown Chronicle, Mt. Airy Independent and Germantown Independent serving Northwest Philadelphia. His editorials have recorded the deterioration of northwest Philadelphia as a result of political subsidies to political insiders and to supportive organizations, both profit and nonprofit.   CRONY CAPITALISM THRIVES IN NORTHWEST Philadelphia Published 9 July 2011 in Germantown […]