12 August 2012 0 Comments

Senator Pat Toomey at Liberal Brookings Institute Explaining Tax Reform

Sen. Toomey also outlined how pro-growth tax reform presents a path forward to address our fiscal challenges, including the impending fiscal cliff. “So the first point I want to talk about is the truth. The truth is that our big entitlement programs, Social Security included, but especially the mandatory health care programs, are unsustainable. I […]

1 June 2012 0 Comments

Real Unemployment Rate: Ranges From 10.7 % to 11. 1% to 14.5% (U-6 rate)

The awful April jobs report: Is the ‘real’ unemployment rate 11.1%? 4 May 2012 The Enterprise Blog James Pethokoukis Real People Real Numbers Hat Tip Tony Phyrillas