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Senator Pat Toomey at Liberal Brookings Institute Explaining Tax Reform

Sen. Toomey also outlined how pro-growth tax reform presents a path forward to address our fiscal challenges, including the impending fiscal cliff. “So the first point I want to talk about is the truth. The truth is that our big entitlement programs, Social Security included, but especially the mandatory health care programs, are unsustainable. I […]

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Bain & Company: Colleges & Universities – Fiscally Unsustainable

TaxProf Blog (24 July 2012) brings this to our attention:  33% of Colleges Are on ‘Unsustainable Financial Path’ Bain & Company and Sterling Partners have released a study (The Financially Sustainable University) and accompanying website (Financial Fade) reporting that over 33% of 1,700 public and private nonprofit colleges are on an “unsustainable financial path,” with […]

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Pennsylvania’s Economy: July 2012

  Pennsylvania employment is barely moving forward. The U-6 rate is not reported. Other than Marcellus Shale Natural Gas exploration and growth, no segment of the economy is moving. Associated Press Patriot News reports the headline, nominal  unemployment at 7.5%.

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What Price of Treasury Bonds Tell Us Part 2: About World Economy

Spain’s crisis drives up the price of Treasury bonds lowering the interest rate for savers. This is only good news to those who benefit from bad news. READ MORE CNBC 20 July 2012

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US Economy: Forecast Gloomey

More bad news for us. No relief in sight, it seems. Earnings Show Recession May Be ‘Fast Approaching’ 22 Jul 2012 CNBC 

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What Treasury Bonds Tell Us: Part 1

he 10 year T bill yield is below rate of inflation. This is not an incentive to savers to save with T-bills or investors to invest in T-bills. US 10-Year Yields Hit Record Low on Spain Fears Reuters 23 July 2o12 published at CNBC    

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Steve Forbes Three Specific, Positive Solutions to Reviving the Economy and Jobs: Now

Three such economic policies that Congress should enact this year to improve the economy and make American businesses more competitive are; extending bonus depreciation, reforming dividend tax rates and reducing the corporate tax rate. READ MORE Steve Forbes 23 July 2012

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Cafe Hayek Joseph Schumpeter: The Printing Press and the Intellectual

page 147 the 1975 HarperPerennial printing of the third (1950) edition of Joseph Schumpeter‘s 1942 tour de force, Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy: “But if the monastery gave birth to the intellectual of the medieval world, it was capitalism that let him loose with the printing press.”   (I wonder if Pres. Obama believes that publishers […]

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Issues 2012 Part 12: Economic Recovery Jobs and Productive Growth – FDR & BHO (Sen.Bob “98%” Casey”)

“When will the U.S. economy recover? When we stop imitating FDR,” Burt Folsom makes a compelling argument that Economic Freedom and not Government Manipulation of the Economy leads to recovery points out that double digit unemployment was endemic to FDR’s first two terms. READ MORE Burt Folsom Hillsdale College 1 May 2012  

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Issues 2012 Part 8: “It’s the Economy, Stupid ” Jobs, Employment and Energy Policy

“It’s the economy, stupid?”James Carville was right in 1992 and he is right in 2012.      Jobs, Jobs, Jobs and the cost of living The U.S. economy supports 740,000 fewer jobs today than when Obama became president Gas prices are up more than 200% since Obama took office. US Taxpayer government debt is up FIVE […]