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Issues 2012 Part 12: Economic Recovery Jobs and Productive Growth – FDR & BHO (Sen.Bob “98%” Casey”)

“When will the U.S. economy recover? When we stop imitating FDR,” Burt Folsom makes a compelling argument that Economic Freedom and not Government Manipulation of the Economy leads to recovery points out that double digit unemployment was endemic to FDR’s first two terms. READ MORE Burt Folsom Hillsdale College 1 May 2012  

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6 November 2012: Tom Smith Pat Toomey – Union USPS Billion Dollar Bailout

The Bailout Of The US Postal Service Begins: Cost To Taxpayers – $110,000 Per Union Vote “Saved Or Gained”    READ MORE 26 April 2012 Tyler Darden The Senate Vote 25 April 2012 62-37  The Union’s Man Sen. Bob “98%” Casey voted “YEA” for bailout and Sen. Pat “The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friend” Toomey voted for […]

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Issues 2012 Part 11: The Rigged National Labor Relations Board – Compare and Contrast Casey v Toomey

Business groups mounted an extensive lobbying effort geared toward the Senate this week to void a NLRB rule that would speed up union elections. That campaign fell short in a 45-54 vote Tuesday where Republican senators sought to void the regulation under the Congressional Review Act.  READ MORE The Hill 28 April 2012.   The […]

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6 November 2012: Tom Smith and Pat Toomey – Economic Freedom – US Energy – Keystone XL

 Keystone XL pipeline. Voting 56-42, the Senate on Thursday 8 March 2012  failed to reach 60 votes for stipulating that Congress, under the commerce clause of the Constitution, has authority to approve the proposed Keystone XL pipeline from Alberta, Canada, to refineries in Texas. The amendment to a pending transportation bill (S 1813) would shift […]

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Issues 2012 Part 10: The Farm Bill and Republican Corporoate Welfare Farm Subsidies and Insurance – $156 Billion over 10 Years

The Farm Bill, loaded with special subsidies, paid for by The Forgotten Taxpayer is slithering through the Senate.    See data base of Farm Subsidies for US and for Pennsylvania     Here is liberal, good government Environmental Working Group’s idea of ‘free’ crop insurance to replace subsidy system now in effect. “Dr. Babcock’s new […]

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Allyson Schwartz – Issues 6 November 2012: Votes “AYE” for Keystone XL

HR 4348. Roll Call 170 shows that Schwartz voted “AYES” with 224 Republicans (14 “NOES” ) and 69 Democrats ( 114 “NOES”) for permitting the Keystone XL line to be built. Allyson Schwartz follows the wishes of the financial supporters and constituents, the Unions, while masquerading  as  Progressive Do Sarah Palin and Allyson Schwartz find […]

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Issues 2012 Part 2: Subprime Student Loan Subsidy – The Forgotten Taxpayer Going Bankrupt Subsidizes Another $5 Billion Studens and Higher Education

“April 27th  the House voted 215-195 to extend the reduced interest rates (from 6.8% to 3.4%) for Stafford undergraduate loans ( HR 4816).  They will pay for the cost with repeal of  the Prevention and Public Health Fund established under Obamacare.  As always, the $6 billion cost of the extension for one year will be […]

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Issues 2012 Part 1: USPS Union Bailout Bill – Unions Win; The Forgotten Taxpayer Loses…Again

Daniel Horowitz of the Madison Project, succinctly, lays out the problem: “moderate” Republicans too willing to burden The  Forgotten Taxpayer:Today the Senate passed the postal bailout bill, S. 1789, by a 62-37 vote. Democrat Sen. Bob “Sen. 98%” Casey voted “YEA” and The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friend Sen. Pat Toomey voted “NAY”  The Vote s. 1789 […]