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The Enemy Within – The Republican Party Fronts for Islamism and the Muslim Brotherhood

Ted Belman, Israel-pundit aggregates several articles evidencing the Republican Party embrace of Islamism and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Citing the very reliable Andrew McCarthy.  READ MORE 15 August 2012 and 25 August 2012 Ted Belman Israelpundit     “Too upsetting for words” states Gov Christie who was named a keynote speaker at the upcoming GOP convention. Robert Spencer recently […]

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The Enemy Within – American Conservative Union Sells Out to Islamist – Grover Norquist – Suhail Khan

Raymond Ibrahim writing in David Horowitz’s FrontPageMagazine discusses the American Conservative Union’s sellout to Islamism, and, in effect how the union acts as a “front” for the Muslim Brotherhood’s activites in America. The American Conservative Union sponsors the iconic, annual CPAC and is perceived as reliable. However in reality, this is far from the truth. […]

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Islamists in America: Discover the Network

 Islamists in Government Friday, 24 August 2012  Right Side News This section of DiscoverTheNetworks features profiles of Islamists who have secured positions of influence in federal, state, and local government. Some of these individuals were elected to their offices by the voting public; others were appointed by elected officials. PROFILES * Huma Abedin * Azizah […]

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17 October 2012 0 Comments

Islam In America: Green Lantern – Christian Arabs Fronting for Islamism

American Culture is a powerful force and now “Hollywood” teams up to promote a begnin and somewhat heroic islamic culture.  Debbie Schlussel writes: “Yet another Christian Arab ends up the water carrier dhimmi for Islam. This time with DC Comics. Geoff Johns, creative director of DC Comics made the latest Green Lantern an Arab. And […]

16 November 2011 0 Comments

Islamist Enemy: Failing to Perceive the Threat – Admiral Mullen Pakistan

Western leaders have history of blinders on duplicitous regimes Diana West 10/01/11   Examiner Columnist Robert Conquest, pre-eminent historian of the genocides, purges and terrors of the Soviet Union, has long contemplated the blinders the West wears when looking at — or, rather not looking at — the millions of dead bodies the gigantically Evil Empire […]

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At War with Islam for 200 Years: The Barbary Wars 1 & 2

Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd President of the US, and James Madison, the 4th President of the US, fought the First Barbary War (1801-1805) and the Second Barbary War (1815), respectively. 3rd President of US  Thomas Jefferson’s Qu’ran, sometimes called the Book of Jihad   John Adams 2d President James Madison, 4th President of the US, […]

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