20 July 2014 0 Comments

2014 the 100th anniversary of home air conditioning.

Charles Gilbert Gates was the first American to have air conditioning installed in his private residence. Air Conditioning was invented by Willis Havilland Carrier, a secular saint in my view.     Charles Gilbert Gates  The first US air conditioned residence   Willis Haviland Carrier, engineer and innovator   Cui bono? Who benefits from the […]

21 July 2012 0 Comments

The Very Cool Willis Haviland Carrier – 110 years: Who Has Given Us More? Karl Marx? Mother Therese?

Willis Haviland Carrier, a great humanitarian, invented air conditioning, transformed the world and raised the standard of living and done more good for more people than Karl Marx and Barack Obama ever did.READ MORE Here and here (American Inventors) and here (NYTimes ) and ABC News 17 July 2012. Like many inventions, maybe all, it […]