18 July 2012 0 Comments

Senator Pat Toomey Exposes the Cost Flood Insurance in the Highway Bill

The Senate passed a bill this week to reauthorize highway spending and flood insurance, but I helped remove a new mandate from the bill that could have cost Pennsylvanians millions of dollars. (Note: this bill was passed in the Republican controlled House). Sen. Toomey speaks on the Senate floor about the flood insurance billĀ  Wednesday, […]

17 July 2012 0 Comments

Republicans Selling Out The Forgotten Taxpayer: $120 Billion – Stephen Moore Is Clear About This Bipartisan Betrayal….Again – Infuriating

Stephen Moore Explains with breathtaking clarity: Congress is expected to approve as early as today a $120 billion highway bill that compromises nearly every budget principle Republicans say they believe in. it’s a bipartisan budget heist with billions of dollars of budget gimmicks that are likely to infuriate Tea Party activists and other fiscal conservative […]

16 May 2012 0 Comments

Highway Bill Dynamics: Corporatism for the General Welfare – Who Pays, Who Benefits

The Highway Bill How Much, Who Pays and Who Benefits The road construction lobby is desperate for a long-term highway funding bill, but the House and Senate are still miles apart in agreeing to legislation. Both have passed their own versions of a highway measure, but the Senate bill spends $8 billion to $10 billion […]

15 May 2012 0 Comments

Issues 2012 Part 7: The Highway Bill – Bankrupting The Forgotten Taxpayer with Infrastructure

“On March 13, the Senate passed a massive 18-month $109 billion extension (S. 1813 Boxer-Inhofe stimulus), which creates new deficits, raises taxes, continues to fund 100% of mass transit, continues expensive Davis-Bacon rules, and provides no reforms.” READ MORE REDSTATE DANIEL HOROWITZ 16 APRIL 2012 As expected Sen. Bob “98%” Casey voted “YEA” for Bankrupting […]