19 April 2012 0 Comments

US Rep. Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain Endorse Sam Rohrer for US Senate

US Rep Michele Bachmann backs Rohrer for U.S. Senate Wednesday, March 28, 2012, 6:09 PM by Robert J. Vickers  The Patriot-News             Herman Cain Endorses Sam Rohrer                                      “Though not endorsed by the state GOP (a big plus, in my opinion. bob), Rohrer had led in most polls until better-financed candidate Tom […]

6 December 2011 0 Comments

Herman Cain: Uninformed on Foreign Policy – Jonathan Tobin Commentary Contentions

The astute and insightful Jonathan Tobin, Senior Online Editor of Commentary Magazine Contentions,  exposes Herman Cain’s fatal flaw that disqualifies him from serious consideration. IRAN IRAN IRAN and China and Russia and the UN – America is not an island1. Commentary Contentions        Herman Cain Still Proudly Ignorant on Foreign Policy Jonathan S. Tobin 10.16.2011 – […]