8 November 2012 0 Comments

Democrats Cannot Be Trusted With Money Part 1 Harrisburg – No Money in the Bank

   READ MORE Democratic Harrisburg has only $1.4 Million In the Bank, state DCED says NICK MALAWSKEY, The Patriot-News October 24, 2012      

5 May 2012 0 Comments

Tea Party Part 10: Harrisburg Spider Web – Mike Veon and BIG

Harrisburg’s Mike Veon guilty on 10 of 15 charges in corruption case By Brad Bumsted, TRIBUNE-REVIEW Monday, March 5, 2012 This is a story of bipartisan, misuse of Pennsylvania, taxpayer money by both elected and hired government employees. While prosecutors have discretion in prosecution, there can be abuse.  “Equal Justice Under the Law” is a […]

21 March 2012 0 Comments

Detroit In Decline 1950-2012 and Future of Democratic Cities

Imagine a city where all the major economic planks of the statist or “progressive” platform have been enacted:(Michigan Capitol Confidential February 14, 2012) Detroit in Decline 1950 to 2012 In 1950, Detroit was the wealthiest city in America on a per capita income basis. Today, the Census Bureau reports that it is the nation’s 2nd poorest major […]

20 July 2011 0 Comments

Charlie Gerow/Quantum Communications Part 3: Faux Conservative Opportunistic Chameleon

GerowQuantumCommunications Part 3 Faux Conservative Opportunistic Chameleon Faux Opportunistic Conservative, Republican  and Democratic Campaign Consultant Charles Gerow  whatever side of an issue you are on, Charles GID Gerow can be there with you. New Representative-Elect Republican Fred Keller of Union County paid GID, as Charles is called by those who know him best, $4,000 for […]

19 July 2011 0 Comments

Charlie Gerow/Quantum Communications Part 2: The Chameleon Democrat Linda Thompson, Harrisburg Mayor

Please tell everyone of Charles Gerow’s success in the Harrisburg Mayor’s 2009  campaign. Charlie Gerow’s and Quantum Communications’ client (Charles Gerow headed Mayor Thompson’s transition team) seems not to have heard what the voters or Republican Governor Haley Barbour said about budget cutting1. Although,  as a Democrat, it is not surprising that Mayor Thompson is leading […]

18 July 2011 0 Comments

Charlie Gerow/Quantum Communications – Part 1: Misleading Advertising

Charlie Gerow/Quantum Communications  1 –  Hype and False Advertising Attention Tea Party Activists It has come to my attention that Charlie Gerow and Quantum Communications have been soliciting Tea Party representing himself as a “conservative leader” and a knowledgeable political insider. This comes, mainly, because he hosts a weekly breakfast loosely affiliated with Grover Norquist’s  […]