20 May 2012 0 Comments

Obama Stimulus: Jobs Overseas – Who Benefitted From All the New Debt?

Obama creates “green jobs”–in other countries   2.3 billion tax credits overseas  1 minute video  

6 November 2011 0 Comments

Corporatism: Government Financed Green Business Goes Bust – Taxpayer Pays

RedState’s Steve Maley reports on NYTimes article on Solyndra=like green business going broke at Taxpayer Expense. I think, however, “the cook did not go hungry” and lots of people got a lot of taxpayer money which they are not planning on repaying. “Nevada Geothermal Power, which generates electrical power using near-surface geothermal heat. After $79 […]

11 July 2011 0 Comments

Rep. Chris Ross: Bad Vote Millions for Tax Exempt Billionaires

Rep. Chris Ross  – As Expected – Robbing the Productive Earner and Saver, The Forgotten Taxpayer, to Give to Liberal Leviathan Tax Exempt Billionaire Private Education Corporations Rep. Chris Ross  (R –158th ChesCo),  as many of you know, is an Ivy graduate  voted to force taxpayers to subsidize $29,000,00 to UPENN and       […]