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Coming Apart Part 2: White Working Class Fishtown- Values and Behavior Have Consequences – What You Believe Matters

Sociologist Charles Murray presents another perspective on social pathologies:  Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010  published 31 January 2012 Amazon Link New York Times reviews the book, somewhat sympathetically, and concedes that ” Few people today would dismiss the idea that values, culture and intelligence all play a role in economic success” yet […]

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Coming Apart Part 1: Marriage and Poverty – Values and Behavior Have Consequences- What You Believe Matters

               xx   Secular studies support this assertion.READ MORE Heritage Foundation   Not surprisingly, Secular Humanists and Progressive Materialists  at Huffington Post take a different view : “Not surprisingly,  I was dismayed to hear about The Heritage Foundation’s recently released study: “Marriage: America’s Greatest Weapon Against Child Poverty.” The study tracks statistics […]

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The Poverty Line: How the Government Calculates Poverty

Interesting article on the invention and evolution of this critically important government statistic: The Poverty Line 27 August 2009 North Philadelphia Houses

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Welfare Billions for Egyptians: An Earmark for Terrorism?

Is this really the best use of Taxpayers Money?  There is no reason to think that government welfare is any less corrosive for Egyptians than Americans and what do we, really, know about the new government and its tilt toward the Muslim Brotherhood. Middle East: President Obama will give an address on the Middle East […]

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Government Welfare, Great Society; Equalizing Wealth; Debt: Gap Widens; Debt, Deficit and Dependency

This Investors Business Daily ends with observation that: “ The road to hell, it’s said, is paved with good intentions. But sometimes it’s paved with taxpayers’ money.” It is clear that Welfare, which was intended to help those who could not help themselves, has evolved into a massive, taxpayer subsidized program that encourages many to […]