23 October 2012 0 Comments

Government Mandated Unionism Costs Jobs and Lowers Our Standard of Living

Eliminating forced, automatic payroll deductions for union dues creates jobs and raises our standard of living. There is no reason for the government to be the collection agent for a private, very privileged, very profitable, tax exempt organization. And eliminating coercive, collectivism creates jobs which in turn produces goods and provide, services that benefit society […]

3 June 2012 0 Comments

PENSION Philadelphia: Heading Toward Bankruptcy, We Are Silent

Moral Hazards: Philadelphia’s Ongoing Pension Crisis  How did Philadelphia end up as one of the poorest, least-educated, highest-taxed and most violent cities in the country? Blame 40 years of political cowardice—and 34,966 ex-city workers who are still collecting fat government pensions. READ MORE May 2012 Philadelphia Magazine    Each of them is owed a lifelong […]