26 October 2012 0 Comments

Pennsylvania Turnpike Debt Part 3 – Citizens Alliance – Democrats Can’t Be Trusted with Money – Et Tu, Tom Corbett?

CITIZENS ALLIANCE OF PENNSYLVANIA (CAP) advocates for The Forgotten Taxpayer and presents added breadth and depth to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Debt Bomb: Act 44 was proposed as an alternative to privatizing the operations of the Turnpike by big government proponents and the Turnpike Commission. (Ironically, one of the most pervasive arguments against privatization was that […]

25 October 2012 0 Comments

Pennsylvania Turnpike Debt Part 2 – Allegheny Institute Analyzes the Problem

The Allegheny Institute is a think tank located in southwest Pennsylvania, it’s central purpose is to provide detailed and in-depty analysis of situations and issues.    Here is the Allegheny Institute’s analysis of the Pennsylvania Turnpike’s Fiscal and Debt problems.  In short they are digging themselves a deeper and deeper “financial hole” that Pennsylvania’s drivers […]

24 October 2012 0 Comments

Pennsylvania Turnpike Debt Part 1 – Another Government Monopoly Going Bankrupt – Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

“The Turnpike Commission is now more than $7 billion in debt, this has been a steady rise from $2 billion in 2002 and $4 billion in 2009. This  burden continues to grow, and with the turnpike not required to make payments until 2057 the situation appears dire. “Tolls have more than doubled in the last […]

16 October 2012 0 Comments

USPS Steps Forward – Money Losing Rural Post Office Hours Shortened

One small step forward to prevent another government monopoly from going bankrupt and ultimately hammering The Forgotten Taxpayer in the proces. Postal regulator backs rural post office, junk mail plans The Hill  Bernie Becker – 23 August 2012 “USPS said in June that it would examine whether to reduce hours at roughly 13,000 rural post […]

12 October 2012 0 Comments

IKEA v USPS – Adapting to Change – Profit Motivated v Government Monopoly

WSJ had an  article on how IKEA is using more cost effective computer imaging to print their catalogs rather than traditional, hard copy, photography.  USPS, a government monopoly, IKEA, a private profit, motivated, company continues to raise peoples standard of living by delivering  quality, products at an affordable, price. Profit Motivated, IKEA needs to remember […]

18 September 2012 0 Comments

USPS Slow Rolling to Taxpayer Bailout of Government Sponsored Unionized Monopoly

Yikes, a government monopoly is bankrupt and who will bail it out? The Union Organizers and the USPS Bureaucrats or the House and Senate members who insisted on keeping money losing post offices open for political reasons? No, I think it will be The Forgotten Taxpayer. What do you think?  READ MORE Associated Press 9 […]

1 October 2011 0 Comments

USPS the paradigm for Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Leviathan

The US government monopoly USPS is on track to spend $9.2 more than its income this fiscal year ending September 30, 2011. Expenses increase as mail volume decreases and the government’s post office can’t do anything about it. The Forgotten Taxpayer fears the worst – yet another bailout. Federal Reserve Banks, Wall Street Mega Financial […]