8 January 2012 0 Comments

Barack Obama and White Voters: Its the Issues,not the Race – Tea Party v. The Leviathan

Jeff Salvino confronts Barack Obama’s smear that White Voters are racist. ( One Minute Salvo) What have we got to lose?  Tea Party and Rs are racist by definition. No matter what we say or do concerning Big Government’s incompetent and ineffective European Socialist Welfare Policies, we are smeared as “racists” by Democrats, Liberals and […]

7 January 2012 0 Comments

General Motors Corporatist: US Taxpayer Finances Unionized, Government Owned GM to Expand in China

President Barack Obama Finances Unionized Corporatist Crony Taxpayer Financed Capitalist General Motors  to Invest in China and Create Productive Jobs in China. China’s SEIC is a 1% stockholder in US Taxpayer Financed General Motors. Chevrolet Sail compact cars built at a Shanghai GM joint venture were lined up last October before being loaded onto a […]