1 November 2012 0 Comments

The 7-11 Presidency

The government spends $11 for every $7 it takes in. That’s like a family that makes $70,000 a year — and is already knee-deep in debt — blowing nearly $110,000 a year. SHARE if you agree it is time to cut spending! READ MORE The 7-Eleven Presidency  18 October 2012 Weekly Standard JEFFREY H. ANDERSON […]

4 July 2011 0 Comments

Pat Toomey: Medicaid Block Grants and Federal Budget

Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey spotlights Medicaid Block Grants to the States as a means to address the unsustainable, upward spiral of Medicaid costs. Medicaid costs have grown at 7% rate annually for past ten years and it appears will continue to grow at 7% rate for next 10 years.  “A capped, no-strings-attached financing mechanism would […]

3 July 2011 0 Comments

Pat Toomey Answers Ben Bernanke/Tim Geitner

As Obama Administration, Treasury Secretary Geitner, and apparently independent Federal Reserve all use scare tactics to push for breaking the Debt Limit. What is their limit, if any, to debt to be incurred and imposed on the American Forgotten Taxpayer? Sen. Toomey’s Statement On Chairman Bernanke’s (Sec. Geitner’s ) Debt Limit Comments “As I’ve said […]

1 July 2011 0 Comments

Pat Toomey: Budget Common Sense

“When I go back to Pennsylvania and I talk to my constituents about the fact that the government of the United States, the world’s biggest enterprise, an enterprise that’s going to spend $3.6 trillion this year and we’re doing it without a budget, they look at me in shocked disbelief that this could even be […]