29 August 2011 0 Comments

Ethanol Subsidies Part 4: Corn July 2011 from May 2008 – 2 Dissenting Views

Last week, the USDA published its regular report “World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates,” which calculates that in the current corn “marketing year” (September 2010, through the end of August 2011), 11.43 billion bushels of corn will be consumed in the United States. As usual, a small fraction will be used for food or seed: […]

17 August 2011 0 Comments

Ethanol and the Misallocation of Resources

Ethanol subsidies not only don’t accomplish the purpose intended, they cause positive harm to food supply by driving up cost of corn because of  misallocation of resources by Government-Big Business Corporatist policies. About 40% of US corn production is misallocated to ethanol production at expense of all Americans.

4 August 2011 0 Comments

Key Issues Nationally: Ethanol Subsidies and Mandates – Farm Subsidies

ETHANOL SUBSIDIES AND FARM SUBSIDIES ARE KEY ISSUES for ANY FISCALLY CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATE The Republican candidates seem to be equivocating – The Democrats are disingenuously hopeless Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann Have to Be Committed Not Only to Ending ETHANOL SUBSIDIES (Daily Caller Timothy Carney 4/1/2011 ) . But ALSO  FARM SUBSIDIES  as Well . […]

2 August 2011 0 Comments

Ethanol: Mitt Romney Supports Government Subsidies & Mandates – Serial Panderer

Mitt Romney is the classic Business as Usual Big Government Statist Republican who presents himself as the rational and competent manager of the State’s Leviathan Administrative apparatus. Limited Government and Limited Spending are not his core values and Small businesses, entrepreneurs and The Forgotten Taxpayer are ciphers in his grandiose plans. His position on the […]

31 July 2011 0 Comments

Ethanol: The EPA’s Mandate is the Subsidy

The Environmental Protection Agency is Ethanol’s friend and proponent of Big Government Corporatism, the Public-Private Partnership, advancing Corporate Socialism at the expense of the productive, job creating Forgotten Taxpayer , Free Markets and Individual Freedom. In October 2010, the EPA mandated that 15% ethanol be mixed with gas in model years 2007, about one in […]