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Ethanol 15 Infographic – Costs More and Damages Cars – Government Mandates May Not Be a Good Idea

Infographic from Smart Fuel Future Raising Prices   Not only do biofuel mandates raise consumer food prices, but significant quantities of biofuels will not be cost competitive with gasoline without significant technological advances or spikes in petroleum prices. A Colorado State University study found that Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)-mandated biofuels production will be so costly, […]

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Ethanol Mandate Expanded – ArchersDanielsMidland Wins – Gas Mileage Loses

In June, the EPA waived Clean Air Act sale restrictions on t E15, a fuel blend containing 15 percent corn alcohol. Consumer Reports, the product-testing organization found a flex-fuel vehicle designed to run on ethanol.   This vehicle logged a nearly 30 percent drop in fuel economy when using E15. In 2009, corn growers petitioned […]

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Ethanol Corn Subsidies and Mandates versus Meat Subsidies – Political Pandering Gone Wild

Washington Examiner Editorial points to the political pandering and failure of centrally planned energy and agricultural policies READ MORE 14 August 2012    

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Biofuel Ethanol Mandate and the Corn Belt Drought

“Hot and dry conditions across the Midwest have placed 70 percent of the corn belt in extreme drought and 61 percent of the nation in at least moderate drought” The Biofuel Ethanol Mandate does not help. READ MORE 24 July 2012 Washington Times    

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Poor Julia: Ethanol – E 15 Bad For Your Car; Bad For Taxpayer and Bad For People Who Get Hungry

“As if E10 ethanol mandates aren’t folly enough, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will now permit ethanol manufacturers to register as E15 gasoline suppliers.”  This is not a good thing for your car, for food prices and for taxpayer who has to pay more for fuel and more for food. ” READ MORE 2 May […]

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Ethanol Corporatism: Lobbying for Its Own Special Tax Credit and Mandated Use of Ethanol

Ethanol Mandates may be lead to more of a misallocation of market resources than tax credits. What has happened is that financial interests have been formed as a result of government policies that now have financial resources to protect their privileged place in government. Those getting rich from government have an interest in Big Government […]

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Rick Perry: Ethanol Subsidies and Mandates – Iowa – Gov. Press Release

Iowa farmers weren’t happy with the answer presidential candidate Texas Gov. Rick Perry gave them Saturday about an ethanol mandate that requires the petroleum industry to put the corn-based fuel in gas pumps. Governor Perry: Ethanol Mandate Harms Livestock, Food Industries Tuesday                                                     June 24, 2008 Washington, DC.   WASHINGTON, D.C. – Gov. Rick Perry, joined […]

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Ethanol and Big Oil: Another Dynamic

“Oil doesn’t want to lose market share,” Buis said. “The oil industry is not going to lobby [for ethanol].” It wasn’t always this way, however. Ethanol loses Big Oil, big advocates and maybe big subsidies By Dipka Bhambhani – The Daily Caller 03/01/2011 Separately, Rep. Jeff Flake opposes subsidy for “blender” pumps and  Rep. John […]

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Ethanol: 3-fer: $.45 Tax Credit – $.54 Tariff and Mandates (10 to 15%)

“You can either subsidize [ethanol] or you can protect it or you can mandate that it be used. In this case we’re doing all three,” Ellis said. What Ellis refers to is that aside from the 45-cent per gallon tax credit, there is a 54-cent tariff on imported ethanol, a federal effort to thwart the […]

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Ethanol: Some Links of Interest Taxpayers for Common Sense and More

Taxpayers for Common Sense Coalition Letter Supporting Ending Wasteful $6 Billion Annual Ethanol Subsidy ACTION ALERT: Urge your Senators to Oppose Wasteful Ethanol Subsidies TCS Releases Report on Largest Ethanol Subsidy TCS and Panelists Brief Hill Staff on DoD and Deficit Reduction: Options for Significant Defense Savings TCS post in Blue Dog Research Forum’s “Point […]