1 November 2012 0 Comments

Ethanol 15 Infographic – Costs More and Damages Cars – Government Mandates May Not Be a Good Idea

Infographic from Smart Fuel Future Raising Prices   Not only do biofuel mandates raise consumer food prices, but significant quantities of biofuels will not be cost competitive with gasoline without significant technological advances or spikes in petroleum prices. A Colorado State University study found that Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)-mandated biofuels production will be so costly, […]

29 October 2012 0 Comments

Ethanol Mandate Expanded – ArchersDanielsMidland Wins – Gas Mileage Loses

In June, the EPA waived Clean Air Act sale restrictions on t E15, a fuel blend containing 15 percent corn alcohol. Consumer Reports, the product-testing organization found a flex-fuel vehicle designed to run on ethanol.   This vehicle logged a nearly 30 percent drop in fuel economy when using E15. In 2009, corn growers petitioned […]

28 May 2012 0 Comments

Poor Julia: Ethanol – E 15 Bad For Your Car; Bad For Taxpayer and Bad For People Who Get Hungry

“As if E10 ethanol mandates aren’t folly enough, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will now permit ethanol manufacturers to register as E15 gasoline suppliers.”  This is not a good thing for your car, for food prices and for taxpayer who has to pay more for fuel and more for food. ” READ MORE 2 May […]