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Free Market In North Dakota: More Energy Supply; Higher Standard of Living

A Tale of Free Market Williston, North Dakota and Government Subsidized Solyndra,  Fremont,  CA.  READ MORE 23 July Michael Barone in Washington Times

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Allyson Schwartz – Issues 6 November 2012: Votes “AYE” for Keystone XL

HR 4348. Roll Call 170 shows that Schwartz voted “AYES” with 224 Republicans (14 “NOES” ) and 69 Democrats ( 114 “NOES”) for permitting the Keystone XL line to be built. Allyson Schwartz follows the wishes of the financial supporters and constituents, the Unions, while masquerading  as  Progressive Do Sarah Palin and Allyson Schwartz find […]

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Pat Toomey Responds to President Obama’s State of Union 25 Jan – Part 2 – Energy

Pat Toomey discusses Keystone XL and energy subsidies.

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EPA Grants Part 2: More on EPA Grants to China

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Gave $1.29 Million to China  Thursday, June 02, 2011 Fred Lucas (CNSNews.com) – The Environmental Protection Agency has given at least $1,285,535 in grants to China to promote environmental research in the country. Two of those grants were awarded during the Bush administration; four were awarded during the Obama administration. The […]

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Obama Administration’s Energy Policies: Subsidizing Brazil New Guinea George Soros & Foreign Natural Gas

Ed Lasky of American Thinker, 3 March 2011,  points out some disturbing anomalies in the Obama Administration’s energy policies Ed Lasky is news editor of American Thinker.  Are Barack Obama’s energy policies influenced by hedge fund billionaire and political patron, George Soros? Abby Wisse Schacter, in the New York Post, notes that the Obama administration […]

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Oil Subsidies: Not What I Thought

Neither Tim Carney nor Heritage are proponents of subsidies for oil or for ethanol. There are distinctions not made by the main stream media and its narrative. Most ‘oil subsidies’ are not really oil subsidies By: Timothy P. Carney 05/09/11 ” Former Sen. John Sununu has a good op-ed today in the Boston Globe about […]

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Energy Subsidies Part 3: Energy Information Agency Penna. Commonwealth Foundation and WSJ

Who Gets Federal Energy Subsidies? MAY 12, 2008 | by NATHAN BENEFIELD The Wall Street Journal has an article on who gets federal energy subsidies, based on a EIA report. The WSJ focuses most of the attention on electricity subsidies; as their headline notes the difference in subsidy per megawatthour – Wind ($23.37) v. Gas […]

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Energy Subsidies Part 2: Subsidizing Jakarta – Department of Energy and Department of Environmental Protection

Subsidizing Jakarta –  and China On Friday, the House Energy and Commerce Committee delivered a subpoena to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) ordering the disclosure of documents related to the $535 million loan guarantee the Department of Energy gave to Solyndra Inc. This firm has been dear to Democratic luminaries, from Energy Secretary […]

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Energy Subsidies Part 1: How Much Does It Cost The Forgotten Taxpayer

Cheap gas. Energy independence. More power from wind and solar. Many Americans want these things, but do they want to pay for them with tax dollars? According to figures from the Energy Information Administration, oil and gas subsidies compute to about 25 cents per megawatt hour, while wind and solar is about $24. Here’s a […]

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United Nations Part 2: Propaganda Masquerade Promotes Government Subsidized Statist Energy Policy

” The entire world will soon depend on renewable energy so governments ought to start subsidizing these industries immediately. So said the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in a report released Tuesday. The study’s conclusion was such a blockbuster that the panel issued a press release last month previewing the finding. “Close […]