12 September 2011 0 Comments

Jim Foster Challenges Fattah Evans Northwest Philadelphia Network

Jim Foster is a lifelong Independent, and is running as an Independent for the council seat. Even as he got into the race less than a week before the deadline to file nomination petitions, he was able in six short days to get 875 signatures, well over the minimum of 750. Jim Foster is a […]

12 June 2011 0 Comments

Where Does It Go? $60 Million Rigged Bid Dwight Evans Phila Schools

Penna. Senate Majority Leader  Republican Dominic Pileggi Calls for State Investigation of $60 Million Dollar Dwight Evans SRC Robert Archie  MLKing Charter Award  April 27, 2011 By Susan Phillips NewsWorks’ continuing coverage of Martin Luther King High School  

4 June 2011 0 Comments

Our Caring and Unselfish Education Bureaucrats “Schocked” by Political Influence in Government Schools

What Is Our Shame Is That Every Day We, Silently Say Nothing As These Well Paid and Protected Bureaucrats  Force Mothers to Send Their Kids to Violent School and Dysfunctional Despite the Pennsylvania’s Constitutional Guarantee of an Opportunity for an Education. We Can Trust Our Elected and Appointed Government Officials and Bureaucrats Because They Care […]