27 September 2012 0 Comments

Democrats Can’t Be Trusted With Money – More Evidence – Philadelphia Mark Cohen’s Per Diems

Philadelphia State Representative Mark Cohen ‘milks system’, claims $39K in per diems  READ MORE ABC 27 WHTM 16 August 2012     Mark Cohen Profiting from Government Service            

15 April 2012 0 Comments

Democrats for Natural Gas and Hydraulic Fracturing Process – Former Pres. Bill Clinton, NYMayor Bloomberg, Obama Administration

Democrats See the Potential of Natural Gas Drilling and Exploration  Marcellus Shale Coalition March 1, 2012 President Bill Clinton: “America Needs to End its ‘Ambivalence’ About Natural Gas”: America needs to end its “ambivalence” about natural gas and more specifically the hydraulic fracturing process used to crack underground rock formations and release the gas inside, […]

16 December 2011 0 Comments

Democrats “Buy” Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News with Taxpayer Money: Democrats Destroy Journalistic Independence

Government  Financed The Inquirer and Daily News are now, truly, the government owned media; the Democrats buy political protection with taxpayer money and subvert an independent press. The City of Philadelphia is now a banker to a private, for profit corporation which could not get a conventional loan. The Democrats Cannot Be Trusted with Money […]