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Liberal Leviathan – Government/Taxpayer TempleU — Not The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friend

Liberal Leviathan Government/Taxpayer Subsidized TempleU Raises Tuition 10%(1 July 2011)  — Because It Could and It Wasn’t Necessary. Leviathans  Ann Weaver Hart, TempleU’s President Government Subsidies permit Subsidized (and, in this case, Tax Exempt) corporate billionaires to Misallocate Resources. Pennsylvania’s Republican General Assembly passed, and the Republican Governor, passed a bill transferring $146,823,000 to TempleU […]

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State Government Has No Surplus; It Has a $1.95 Operating Deficit

In Fiscal Year 2010-2011, the State Government in Harrisburg spent $1.95 billion more than it collected. Supporting sources and details are provided by the first class policy analyst Nate Benefield of the Commonwealth Foundation. See Pennsylvania Department of Revenue News Release July 1, 2011 for official calculations of General Fund Revenues. Only Big Government Big […]

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Rep. Chris Ross:Bad Vote- SB 330 Taj Mahal School Spending – Not The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friend

 Senate Bill 330 requires a Taxpayer Referendum for almost every school tax increase. Rep. Chris Ross was one of only three (alleged)Republicans to vote against1 SB 330 2 supported by Governor Corbett, and everyone else with fiscal common sense – even some Democrats like ChesCo Democrat Andy Dinniman. The ChesCo Republican Committee endorses and protects […]

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Rep. Tim Hennessey: Bad Vote Millions for Tax Exempt Billionaires

Rep. Tim Hennessey Goes With Republican House Leadership Forcing The Forgotten Taxpayer – Robbing the Productive Earner and Saver, The Forgotten Taxpayer- to Subsidize to Liberal Leviathan Tax Exempt Corporate Billionaires Rep Tim Hennessey (R –26th ChesCo),  career government employee $29,000,000 to UPENN and $146,823,000  to Temple U and millions -about $557, 601,000 – well […]

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Pat Toomey: Debt Reducton 3 Specific Approaches & Ethanol and Farm Subsidies

Pat Toomey in WSJ: How to Freeze the Debt Ceiling Without Risking Default Next year, the government will have 10 times more income than it needs to honor its interest obligations Pay the bonds and then engage in selective, sequential shutdown of nonessential and ineffective government programs, including Ethanol Subsidies and Farm Subsidies1. Even Sen. […]

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Pat Toomey: The Deficit 2007 to 2011 – 1.2% GDP to 10% GDP

“In 2007, for instance, our deficit was only 1.2 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This year, it will be over 10 percent of GDP. The debt already has doubled in only four years, and it is expected to triple in 11 years.”June 6, 2011 from Senator Pat Toomey Dear Bob, Thank you for contacting […]

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Pat Toomey: Medicaid Block Grants and Federal Budget

Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey spotlights Medicaid Block Grants to the States as a means to address the unsustainable, upward spiral of Medicaid costs. Medicaid costs have grown at 7% rate annually for past ten years and it appears will continue to grow at 7% rate for next 10 years.  “A capped, no-strings-attached financing mechanism would […]

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Pat Toomey Answers Ben Bernanke/Tim Geitner

As Obama Administration, Treasury Secretary Geitner, and apparently independent Federal Reserve all use scare tactics to push for breaking the Debt Limit. What is their limit, if any, to debt to be incurred and imposed on the American Forgotten Taxpayer? Sen. Toomey’s Statement On Chairman Bernanke’s (Sec. Geitner’s ) Debt Limit Comments “As I’ve said […]

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Pat Toomey: Libya Bombing, Debt Ceiling and “Full Faith and Credit Act”

Pat Toomey, Senate Budget Committee,  speaks about Debt Ceiling  and Spending but also about his non support for Libyan intervention.(video at 8 minutes – unanswered questions about Libya) as reported in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and not reported in SE Penna. although KYW reports (Feb 16, 2011) Pat Toomey’s “Full Faith and Credit Act”  that government debt […]

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Pat Toomey: Government Shutdown and Debt Ceiling

The strategy that Republican Senator Pat Toomey, Republican US Representatives Mike Fitzpatrick, Jim Gerlach, Pat Meehan and many conservatives like Jeb Hensarling and Tom Price, M.D., (interestingly Democratic US Rep. Allyson Schwartz also voted for this CR) and Republican leadership is using can be, I call “Selective, Sequential Shutdown”, that is, rather than across the […]