20 July 2011 0 Comments

8 November Josh Shapiro Votes Against Governor Corbett’s Common Sense Budget

On total spending, the 2011-12 total operating budget of $65.4 Billion Dollars represents the first reduction in spending in more than 40 years.   There remain significant liabilities that The Forgotten Taxpayer will have to finance because spending cuts were not deep enough to address  growing deficits unemployment compensation or pensions, which the Governor, the General […]

3 July 2011 0 Comments

Daylin Leach Kid’s Fair: Rhetoric Masks Reality – Daylin Leach Traps Kids in Violent, Educationally Failing Schools

      KidsFair_2011 Free Spin Art Free Food Free Painters Free Admission, Free Finger Painting Free Free Free  at the ELMWOOD ZOO.  Free Free Free paid for by THE FORGOTTEN TAXPAYER who doesn’t think it is fair to pay for someone else’s fun.    

2 July 2011 0 Comments

Daylin Leach’s Double Standard: Does He Care About Kids or about Unionized School System?

Democratic State Senator Daylin Leach has been a vocal opponent of opportunity and vocal defender of a failed, bureaucratic system of education that traps kids in violent and educationally dysfunctional school buildings Daylin Leach                  “   What? Me, Worry   They aren’t my kids.   Pennsylvania’s $26 billion dollar […]

30 June 2011 0 Comments

Daylin Leach: Before ther was Anthony Weiner, there was Daylin Leach Blogging to Our Inner Democrat

Democratic Senator Daylin Leach: On giving “I have found it rewarding to take time to do things for others. If Britney Spears needs a back rub, I’ll give it to her. If Britney needs a big ol’ spanking, I’m there.” oh baby, baby  one more time Sen. Hip Before puritanical, provincial, parochial narrow minded bourgeois […]

7 May 2011 0 Comments

Democratic State Senator Daylin Leach The Record: Liberty Index

Democrats ‘ Budgets Bankrupting Pennsylvania’s Forgotten Taxpayer Democratic Senator Daylin Leach’s Liberty Index Record 2010 Democratic Senator Daylin Leach’s Liberty Index Record 2009 Democratic Representative Daylin Leach’s Liberty Index Record 2008 Democratic Senator Daylin Leach Home Page First elected to the General Assembly in the fall of 2002 and sworn in January 2003, the same […]

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Democrats Daylin Leach Tim Briggs and Mike Gerber: Big Government Spenders

The Forgotten Taxpayer is not Smiling. Democrats Bankrupting Pennsylvania Penna. State Debt The kids,who have to pay, will not be happy. The Liberty Index Updated through December 2010 sets out the public legislative record. All three voted for Democratic Governor Ed Rendell’s Bankrupting Budgets EXCEPT  Appropriations Act 1A of 2010 when my state representative, Tim […]

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School Choice – PA Spends $26 BILLION DOLLARS at State and Local Level Each Year – School Choice Vouchers

1)      Pennsylvania Government financed by The Forgotten Taxpayer spends $26 BILLION DOLLARS  at State and Local level each year for Education; 2)       The cost of SB 1 Opportunity will be paid by redirecting money budgeted for education. In fact, Parental Choice saves The Forgotten Taxpayer money.  See chart below  the tiny sliver are cost of […]