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Democrat Kathleen Kane for AG – Part 5: LeRoy Zimmermann Hershey Trust AG Open Investigation

Kathleen Kane Independent of Party Leadership, a Prosecutor, not a Politician The Attorney General’s office has an active investigation ongoing of apparent financial improprieties at the multibillion dollar Hershey Trust for Disadvantaged Children. LeRoy Zimmerman Forbes 2011 – On November 30, 2011 LeRoy Zimmerman resigned from all boards (Bob Fernandez November 30, 2011 Inquirer) LeRoy […]

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Democrat Kathleen Kane for AG Part 4: Senate Bonusgate Self-Investigation Self-Reported

Kathleen Kane is independent of Democratic Party leadership and the usual Democratic Special Interests of Unions, Trial Lawyers and Elitist Liberals, self financing with two million in the bank. As a Democrat, Kathleen Kane is, obviously, independent of Republican Party Establishment Network of Insiders and, in particular, the Senate Republican Leadership which is embarrassment to […]

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Republican Attorney Generals Have Not Served Us, or Children, Well – Milton Hershey Trust – Taking Advantage

Hershey School 12,000 acres an$8 billion trust fund. Trustees were in competition with the trust itself. Self-serving trustees have enriched themselves. Leroy S. Zimmerman, Hershey Charity Director, Goes From Making $35K To Half A Million Bob Fernandez Inquirer  7/20/2011 September 14, 2011 Hershey School Scandal and Need for Watchful Governance Pablo Eisenberg The Chronicle of […]

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Democrat Kathleen Kane for AG Part 3: Sandusky Investigation – Why a Nine Year Delay??

Kathleen Kane, independent of party leadership, a prosecutor not a politician Penn State University Sandusky Investigation  Kathleen Kane and Buzz Bissinger interviewed by Michael Smerconish. Dead on observations by all three.  Video (12/19/2011) Kathleen Kane has prosecuted over 3000 cases and  has tried hundreds of child sex abuse cases  (text and video ) and is […]

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Democrat Kathleen Kane for AG Part 2: Independent of Party Leadership – A Prosecutor not a Politician

Democrat Kathleen Kane is challenging  Democratic Party Endorsed Establishment Insider Patrick Murphy for the Democratic Nomination for Pennsylvania General.   Kathleen Kane is well financed and self financed, with 2 million dollars in her campaign treasury. Kathleen Kane needs to self finance and is willing to invest in her own campaign  because Democratic money from […]

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Democrat Kathleen Kane for AG Part 1: Primary 24 April 2012 – versus Democratic Establishement Endorsed Insider Patrick Murphy

                                                                                                     A PROSECUTOR, NOT A POLITICIAN Independent of Party Leadership of Both Parties. Kathleen Kane and Buzz Bissinger and Michael Smerconish on Hardball discussing Sandusky McQueary Paterno and the […]

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Justice Melvin, Senator Orie, Jannine Orie: Illegal methods

There are reasons to conclude that Justice Melvin herself, and almost certainly, her two campaign manager sisters, used illegal methods and taxpayer money to win election to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. READ MORE HERE AND HERE AND HERE  AND HERE  AND HERE AND THE GRAND JURY’S DETAILED PRESENTMENT AGAINST JANE ORIE AND JANINE ORIE HERE […]

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Hack Alert Dave Freed: Not ” The Guy” – Republican Candidate Attorney General

HACK ALERT—-   Dave Freed: Not “The Guy” for Republican Nominee for Attorney General  Republican Dave Freed, Attorney General Wannabee, and current Cumberland County District Attorney. How likely is it that Dave Freed will continue the Penna. Attorney General’s investigation into the conflicts of interest of his father-in-law, former Penna. Attorney General, LeRoy Zimmerman, as […]