18 October 2012 0 Comments

People before Profits! – Protectionist Obama Administration Protects Profits of Political Corporate Cronies

Don Boudreaux of Cafe Hayek, “where orders emerge”,  explains  “profits before people” and Crony Capitalism, or more technically, Corporatism, a form of Statism, socialism or fascism or communism: Free markets are often criticized for encouraging the fanatical pursuit of profits at the expense of other worthwhile goals, such as a cleaner environment. Such criticism, of […]

21 July 2012 0 Comments

Big Government, Corporatist Republicans: The Solyndra Republicans

  As with the Farm Bill, which is the Republicans opportunity to earmark pork for their favored few, the Export Import Bank, The Highway, Student Loan and Flood Insurance bill and so many others, the Republicans are proponent of anti-Free Market, Big Government Corporatist policies which distort the allocation of resources as well pollute politics, […]

13 April 2012 0 Comments

April 24th Part 11 – Steve Welch Opportunistic Corporate Welfare – DCED Loan Application Raises Questions

??Questions Arise: Steve Welch sought government taxpayer subsidy for his company as any opportunist seeking taxpayer financed, corporate welfare subsidy   would do. This is not something that someone who is, instinctively, a committed free market, limited government, economic advocate would do.       Entrepreneur, yes. But there is some reason to think he […]

29 March 2012 0 Comments

Republicans Financing Billionaire Private Corporations with Taxpayer Dollars Part 6: Pulaski Partners Pat Burns Fresh Grocer

$3,000,000  Pulaski Partners Obama Funder 1% Pat Burns Fresh Grocer Democratic Mega Donor Patrick Burns, president and CEO of Fresh Grocer,  Sells First Lady Michelle Obama with his multimillion forgotten  taxpayer financed vision approved of and enacted with connivance of  Republican State Senate, Republican State House and Republican Penna. Governor. Millions of dollars of taxpayer […]

15 March 2012 0 Comments

Taxpayers Subsidize Farms in Pennsylvania Database 1995- 2010

If the multibillion dollar, tax exempt  UPENN corporation  and multibillion dollar tax exempt PENN STATE corporation and the multibillion dollar subsidized Pennsylvania farming industry, which are the prime and direct beneficiaries of these schools, it is unclear why taxpayers, an infinitesimal number of which are multibillionaires and are, obviously, not tax exempt should finance these […]

9 September 2011 0 Comments

Chevy Volt Government Owned General Motors: The Forgotten Taxpayer Pays

The Chevy Volt, the high profile Obama Administration’s , taxpayer subsidized  “green car” has lacked any but the most miniscule consumer acceptance by real world drivers. Big Government Statist General Motors spends 10s of millions lobbying for yet more Corporatist/Corporate Welfare  subsidies distorting the market causing malinvestment and massive misallocation of resources. RedState’s Ben Howe; […]

19 August 2011 0 Comments

Big Business Is Not The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friend Part 9: Federal Reserve Billions to Corporatist GE

General Electric Tapped Federal Reserve to Borrow $16 Billion Jeff Gerth ProPublica 2 December 2010 The GE building in New York City and Federal Reserve Washington DC – private public partnership – The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Financing Private and Public Corporations Newly released documents from the Federal Reserve Board show that General Electric Co. was a […]

18 August 2011 0 Comments

Big Business Is Not The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friend Part 8: Turbines Financed by the Government

As Timothy Carney points out in another in his series on the alliance of GE and Government and the inevitable  misallocation of scarce resources and human capital Pro-Business is not Pro-Free Market and not Pro-Individual Freedom. Washington Post frames Jeffrey Immelt’s appointment as centrist when in fact, as Timothy Carney pointed out in July 2009  […]

17 August 2011 0 Comments

Ethanol and the Misallocation of Resources

Ethanol subsidies not only don’t accomplish the purpose intended, they cause positive harm to food supply by driving up cost of corn because of  misallocation of resources by Government-Big Business Corporatist policies. About 40% of US corn production is misallocated to ethanol production at expense of all Americans.

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Big Business Is Not The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friend Part 7: Obama Immelt Billions of Taxpayer Dollars

GE’s CEO Jeffrey Immelt  and America’s President Obama’s antipathy to free markets Timothy Carney of the Washington Times. GE’s CEO Jeffrey Immelt teams up with America’s President Barack Obama with billions and billions of dollars of subsidies and bailouts, and rigged regulations and mandates favorable to GE’s financial interests. Another description for this relationship is […]