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20 July 2014 0 Comments

Infuriating Republicans Authorize $27 Bbillion Dollars More Pennsylvania Debt

 The debt burden affects everyone in Pennsylvania, directly and indirectly, although it is the Forgotten Taxpayer who works, saves and invests who pays. More government debt means less productive, job creating growth   Bbillions of Borrowing for Roads and Highways over and above the $7.3 to $7.5 Bbillion over 5 years from Act 89 of […]

20 July 2014 0 Comments

The Five Year Cost of Act 89 of 2013 — What Republicans Imposed

The cost of the Republicans’ Act 89 of 2013 is tax of $7,307,000,000 is $7,584,000,000 on motorists and truckers in Pennsylvania. See page 9 chart of Fiscal Note of the House Committee on Appropriations       

17 July 2014 0 Comments

Pennsylvania’s Gimmicky Budget

“An approximately $29 billion state government operating budget under negotiation in the Legislature is likely to be based on a fast-growing amount of one-time cash items to avoid the prospect of a tax increase that would split the House’s and Senate’s Republican majorities. The one-time items — derided by critics as gimmicks — include raiding […]

16 July 2014 0 Comments

Republican Dave Reed’s Five Votes for Welfare to the Wealthy

    County Representative Dave Reed’s Five (5) Votes for Welfare to the Wealthy.  District 62 Map  Republican, serving Indiana County (Part) Leadership Majority Policy Chairman Member of the House  2003 to date   Penna. House Republican Leadership THE RECORD IS THE RECORD. This is the record as reported by the General Assembly itself.   Republican Representative David M. Maloney voted YEA to give, that […]

16 July 2014 0 Comments

Pennsylvania Pensions Pennsylvania Government Spending: What? Me, Worry?

 What, if any, any downside to more government spending, more government borrowing and higher taxes on the private, productive sector? What, if any, is the impact of reducing spending, reducing borrowing and lowering taxes on the private, productive sector? Is there any way to reduce government spending and government borrowing so that higher taxes will […]

15 July 2014 0 Comments

The Unions’ False Narrative — Pennsylvania School Spending

The false narrative of the teachers’ unions is refuted by the numbers.    

14 July 2014 0 Comments

Pittsburgh Penguins Console Energy – Welfare to the Wealthy

Is this really necessary to the General Welfare? Promoting a multi multi millionaire energy company and a multi multi millionaire sports team is not in the public interest or that of The Forgotten Taxpayer who is forced to pay for something only an infinitesimal number of people, actually, use.  Meanwhile, pension reform is kicked down […]

23 June 2014 0 Comments

Corbett Republicans Have Voted to Increase Debt by $6.3 Bbillion Dollars

All are complicit in enacting legislation to increase debt. In the last three years, the Republican General Assembly and the Republican Governor have increased debt by $6,300,000,000 SIX BILLION THREE HUNDRED MILLION. The Republican General Assembly and the Republican Governor are NOT the Forgotten Taxpayer’s friend. Three Capital Budget Acts, Act 130 of 2011 Act […]

11 June 2014 0 Comments

Dave Reed voted $2.4 Bbillion ($2.400,000,000) Tax Increase – the biggest gas, fuel and license tax in Pennsylania history

Dave Reed  is not  The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friend voted for Corbett’s $2.4 Bbillion dollar Tax Increase to fix Pennsylvania’s obvious crumbling roads and falling bridges.     House Vote Act 89 of 2013 (HB1060) 21 November 2013  Dave Reed  voted YEA against Liberty, Economic Freedom and the Forgotten Taxpayer. Just like a Democrat, Dave Reed votes […]

11 June 2014 0 Comments

Dave Reed Voted to Increase Pennsylvania Debt by $6.3 Billion Taxpayer Dollars – Three Bad Debt Votes in Three Years

   Dave Reed District 62 Map  Republican, serving Indiana County (Part) Leadership Dave Reed is Majority Policy Chairman Member of the House 2003 to date Dave Reed  is not the friend of The Forgotten Taxpayer.  In the last three years, Dave Reed    voted YEA three times for more debt to be imposed on Pennsylvania Taxpayers.  Debt is deferred taxation […]