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4 September 2011 0 Comments

Jenny Brown: Lower Merion’s Union Contract – an Analysis

Friends, The terms of the proposed workers agreement are now public, so I am writing to give you some of the details.  I apologize in advance because I know this is a long email.  But you really have to read this to believe it. The context is important.  Under the most recent union contract, which […]

2 September 2011 0 Comments

Lower Merion Workers Association Contract Part 2: Jenny Brown Comments

Lower Merion Township Commissioner, The Forgotten Taxpayer’s BFF, comments on the proposed Workers Association contract. The Key Point: the Forgotten Taxpayer cannot afford these increases. Disturbingly, Township Commissioner Paul McElhaney plans on voting on the Workers Association contract negotiated by his brother, George McElhaney, president of the Lower Merion Workers Association. It seems that Commissioner […]

1 September 2011 0 Comments

Lower Merion Workers Association Contract Part 1: Commissioner Meeting August 3rd

Commissioner Jenny Brown’s analysis of the Workers Association 4 year proposed contract is set out in separate blog. It is not clear to me the effect of voting Wednesday or postponing the vote. Frankly, I had thought this was a done deal but it seems not. Alicia Glide of Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch reports: ” The Lower […]

31 August 2011 0 Comments

Lower Merion Jenny Brown: Comments on Lower Merion’s Majority Historically High Spending

Majority Commissioners Balancing Budget on Backs of Productive and Prudent Taxpayers, earners, savers, investors in job creating businesses which meet a payroll. This letter from The Forgotten Taxpayer’s BFF Commissioner Jenny Brown and letter to the editor brings to our attention the common sense ideas of Lower Merion Citizens for Responsible Budget.   From Commissioner […]

18 August 2011 0 Comments

Lower Merion Workers Association Contract

Alicia Guide of Ardmore-Wynnewood-Merion Patch updates on the “whip count”; five in favor, three oppose. Lew Gould did not return phone call, however, his record is one of fiscal common sense. There are 14 Commissioners; 8 votes are needed to approve this increased expenditure. Commissioner Paul McElhaney, brother of Workers Association president, George McElhaney, plans […]

8 August 2011 0 Comments

Why The Democrats Can’t Be Trusted With Money: Daylin Leach – Voucher Hypocrite

uberLiberal Democratic State Senator Daylin Leach opposes School Choice Vouchers to give poorest kids in failed schools an opportunity but promotes, at taxpayer expense, vouchers for Farmers Markets.  FYI Daylin Leach’s solution to failed schools is to fix the schools the kids are trapped in. This is a “solution” that has not worked in 3o […]

2 August 2011 0 Comments

8 November Lower Merion Twp Commissioner Lou Barson: Job Creator Who Meets a Payroll Taxpayer

Job Creating Small Businessperson Who Meets a Payroll Lou Barson would be the only business person on the Lower Merion Board of Commissioners. Job Creator Who Meets a Payroll  Taxpayer  Lou Barson employs about 100 people, some of whom have been with the business for 30 years. Running a small business and meeting a payroll […]

1 August 2011 0 Comments

Lower Merion Housing Prices Decline: Democrats Spend More, Borrow More and Tax More

Lower Merion’s Clueless Commissioners (Proudly  Progressive Democrats) Spend More, Borrow More, and Tax More as Housing Prices Are Falling Off a Cliff in Lower Merion has some unpleasant statistics about the 10 year decline in housing prices in Lower Merion. 7 Year comparison March 2011 = February  2004 nominal prices unadjusted for inflation. Lower […]

31 July 2011 0 Comments

8 November Rich Kaufman: Lower Merion Bala Cynwyd – City Ave. Mega Rezoning

Rich Kaufman presents a cogent and dramatic argument against the City Ave Mega Rezoning proposal. Bala Cynwyd Comm. George Manos and the Lower Merion Board of Commissioner Majority support and advocate the City Avenue Mega Rezoning. Bala Cynwyd Commissioner George Manor and the Lower Merion Board of Commissioner Majority underestimate the taxpayer cost and the […]