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1 December 2013 0 Comments

Republican Rep. Mike Vereb Bipartisan – The Campaign Finance Record Tells Us Where MontCo Is Headed.

It appears that union financed, spend and tax bipartisan Mike Vereb is the new Montgomery County Republican Committee chair. What does that tell us about the future of MontCo Republican Party. There is a reason that more new voters are registering “unaffiliated” that Republican*. There is a reason Republicans are losing in Montgomery County. Recently, […]

20 July 2012 0 Comments

Philadelphia City Commissioner and Superman: An Odd Resemblance

    Mild mannered Metropolitan… Fights for Truth,  Justice and the American Way  

15 January 2012 0 Comments

MontCo MCRC: Dr. Bob’s Letter – Mr. Chairman, Abide By the Bylaws

Dr. Bob (Sklaroff), an Abington Committeeman, has sent a letter the core of which is to demand that Bob Kerns to abide by the bylaws. Bob Kerns claims that the next election for chair is Gubernatorial year 2014 rather Presidential Year, as the bylaws unequivocally state, and this, effectively, gives incumbent chair Bob Kerns, who […]

1 October 2011 0 Comments

Lower Merion Where We Defy Economics: Bigger Library Fewer Books – The Past Preserved

WSJ August 29, 2011  “The economics of the book business are changing so rapidly the industry barely looks like it did just six months ago.” But not here in Lower Merion where the EXPANDED (with fewer books) $9 Million Ludington bricks and mortar, paper book horse and buggy “Library” building nears completion. We defy crass […]

17 September 2011 0 Comments

Heroines of the Republic: Any Puig and Anastasia Pryzbylski – Kitchen Table Patriot

Ana and Anastasia are committed and effective centered on the Constitutional Limited Government, Economic Freedom and Personal Responsibility. Two Bucks County women are darlings of the tea party movement By John P. Martin Inquirer Staff Writer Posted on Mon, Aug. 8, 2011 Inquirer’s John Martin: Both acknowledged their new roles had taken a toll on […]

17 September 2011 0 Comments

Lower Merion: Majority Commissioner Paul McElhaney to Vote on Workers Association Contract Negotiated by its President George McElhaney | The Save Ardmore Coalition

Main Line Times’ Cheryl Allison reports: “From a different quarter, there were allusions to McElhaney’s relationship to board Vice President Paul McElhaney, his brother. (At the start of the meeting, Paul McElhaney had again disclosed the connection, but said that he had purposefully “stayed out of” contract negotiations, to the extent that he had asked […]

12 September 2011 0 Comments

Jim Foster Challenges Fattah Evans Northwest Philadelphia Network

Jim Foster is a lifelong Independent, and is running as an Independent for the council seat. Even as he got into the race less than a week before the deadline to file nomination petitions, he was able in six short days to get 875 signatures, well over the minimum of 750. Jim Foster is a […]

1 September 2011 0 Comments

Lower Merion Workers Association Contract Part 1: Commissioner Meeting August 3rd

Commissioner Jenny Brown’s analysis of the Workers Association 4 year proposed contract is set out in separate blog. It is not clear to me the effect of voting Wednesday or postponing the vote. Frankly, I had thought this was a done deal but it seems not. Alicia Glide of Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch reports: ” The Lower […]

6 August 2011 0 Comments

Why The Democrats Can’t Be Trusted With Money: Philadelphia Model -Brett Mandel

What happens in Philadelphia directly impacts Lower Merion and Montgomery County. What happened in Philadelphia is Happening in Lower Merion. What happened and is happening in Philadelphia can happen in Montgomery County Righteous Democrat Brett Mandel describes how Philadelphia’s bankruptcy is masked by accounting assumptions. Brett Mandel is one of the most knowledgeable analysts of […]

4 August 2011 0 Comments

Why Democrats Can’t Be Trusted With Money: Phila. Housing Authority – Legal Fees – Jonathan Saidel

Jonathan Saidel of the SchnaderHarrison law firm  was paid $150,000 for services that cannot, at present, be substantiated. And politically connected SchnaderHarrison law firm was paid $4.4 Million dollars from 2007 to 2010.  Department of Housing and Urban Development, supposedly PHA’s regulator and taxpayer watchdog, has just got around to noticing that $38.5 million dollars […]