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27 September 2011 0 Comments

EPA Grants Part 1: Environmental Protection Agency’s Grants to China and to Greens

The Heritage Foundation’s FOUNDRY reports: May 26, 2011 The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does things differently. While the People’s Republic of China holds over $1.1 trillion of our debt, EPA is busy giving grants to China (see here, here, here, here , here, and here). The Chinese grantees include their Ministry of Environmental Protection. Could the EPA be less responsible with […]

14 September 2011 0 Comments

The Chinese Dragon Enters: Britain and the Euro

Fascinating article on Chinese Communist Premier Wen Jiabao’s visit to UK and China’s support for European Finances The Telegraph 25 June 2011: On Mr Cameron’s visit to China last year, a target was announced for increasing bilateral UK-China trade to $100bn by 2015, from its 2010 total of $63bn and Number 10 sources said yesterday […]

27 August 2011 0 Comments

United Nations Part 7: – Indictment for Hariri Murders: Naming Names

LEIDSCHENDAM, Netherlands (AP) — A U.N.-backed international court released the names Friday of four officials of the Hezbollah militia who are wanted on suspicion of murder in the 2005 truck bomb that killed former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Among the suspects is Mustafa Amine Badreddine, believed to have been Hezbollah’s deputy military commander who […]

25 August 2011 0 Comments

United Nations Part 6: Rep. Ros-Lehtinen Shutting Down Taxpayer Financing of UN

U.N. funding an early target for House Republicans By Bridget Johnson – 01/23/11 A key House Republican is quickly pressing forward with her goals to scale back U.S. funding for the United Nations. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told The Hill that oversight would be a key function of […]

24 August 2011 0 Comments

United Nations Part 5: Hezbollah Indicted for Syrian Assassination of Rafiq Harari

United Nations indicts Hezbollah in Lebanon. Syrian indictments remain sealed. Rick Moran 5 July 2011 Front Page Magazine “After months of delay and hesitation, the United Nation’s Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) has presented indictments to Lebanon’s state prosecutor in the case of the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri. To no one’s surprise, […]

24 August 2011 0 Comments

Earmarks for Terrorism: US Taxpayer Finances Terrorists’ Salaries – Palestinian Authority Taxpayer Subsidies

The brilliantly insightful Jonathan Tobin, American and Zionist draws out attention to Israeli Itamar Marcus’ Palestinian Media Watch’s recent report on what is a perplexing and upsetting use of American Taxpayer money: to pay terrorists which, inevitably means, promoting terrorism. As the US debates a selective shutdown of programs, subsidies and expenditures, this may be […]

23 August 2011 0 Comments

United Nations Part 4: More US taxpayer Financing Billions of UN Budget – $7,691,822,000

The brilliant and reliable Anne Bayefsky provides extensive and detailed  information about UN’s murky finances: Read entire EyeOntheUN post for even more detail US Contributions to the United Nations ($) Source: “Annual Report on United States Contributions to the United Nations,” Office of Management and Budget, June 6, 2011, at Note: FY = Fiscal […]

22 August 2011 0 Comments

United Nations Part 3: Taxpayer Financed UN Finances Syrian “Economic Development”

Despite Western Sanctions Against Syria, U.N. Quietly Extends Development Aid to Country George Russell July 29, 2011|

21 August 2011 0 Comments

United Nations Part 2: Propaganda Masquerade Promotes Government Subsidized Statist Energy Policy

” The entire world will soon depend on renewable energy so governments ought to start subsidizing these industries immediately. So said the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in a report released Tuesday. The study’s conclusion was such a blockbuster that the panel issued a press release last month previewing the finding. “Close […]

21 August 2011 0 Comments

Iran Is Our Enemy

Andrew McCarthy lays out the incontrovertible fact that Iran is the enemy of the United States.  9 July 2011 NRO

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