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25 October 2012 0 Comments

Pennsylvania Turnpike Debt Part 2 – Allegheny Institute Analyzes the Problem

The Allegheny Institute is a think tank located in southwest Pennsylvania, it’s central purpose is to provide detailed and in-depty analysis of situations and issues.    Here is the Allegheny Institute’s analysis of the Pennsylvania Turnpike’s Fiscal and Debt problems.  In short they are digging themselves a deeper and deeper “financial hole” that Pennsylvania’s drivers […]

24 October 2012 0 Comments

Pennsylvania Turnpike Debt Part 1 – Another Government Monopoly Going Bankrupt – Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

“The Turnpike Commission is now more than $7 billion in debt, this has been a steady rise from $2 billion in 2002 and $4 billion in 2009. This  burden continues to grow, and with the turnpike not required to make payments until 2057 the situation appears dire. “Tolls have more than doubled in the last […]

23 October 2012 0 Comments

Shell Cracker’s Corporatist Tax Reduction (Act 16 of 2012) – Consequences

The Liberty Blog has written about Act 16 0f 2012 and the Corporatist Tax Break. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette now writes of the local impact on both Potter Township and Central Beaver School District. Central Valley School District will lose $275,000 in property taxes if the land for the proposed ethane “cracker” plant becomes a tax-exempt, […]

22 October 2012 0 Comments

General Motors – Government As Venture Capitalist – Volt Discontinued

‘Automotive News, citing unnamed sources, reports the Detroit-Hamtramck plant will suspend production from Sept. 17 until Oct. 15. It would be the second interruption in production for the Volt, which can go 38 miles on battery power before needing a recharge from its gasoline engine or  a plug-in “recharge.”  Late Monday GM disputed published reports […]

20 October 2012 0 Comments

The Gold Standard v Central Bank – Stability v Monetary Manipulation by Banking and Currency Cartel

Patrick Barron, an Austrian Economist, makes a salient, “core” point about the Gold Standard; Malinvestment, the misallocation of scarce resources, caused by the manipulation of interest rates by the Central Bank and the Federal Reserve, created a “cartel” of banks and currency centrally controlled in Washington, DC by a very few unelected people. READ MORE […]

18 October 2012 0 Comments

People before Profits! – Protectionist Obama Administration Protects Profits of Political Corporate Cronies

Don Boudreaux of Cafe Hayek, “where orders emerge”,  explains  “profits before people” and Crony Capitalism, or more technically, Corporatism, a form of Statism, socialism or fascism or communism: Free markets are often criticized for encouraging the fanatical pursuit of profits at the expense of other worthwhile goals, such as a cleaner environment. Such criticism, of […]

13 October 2012 0 Comments

Crony Capitalism – Crony Socialism – Nancy Pelosi Gets Richer

Nancy Pelosi, selfless defenders of poor and middle class against the heartless, profit-driven, rapacious 1%, getting rich from government. Crony Socialism: Obama Gives $737 Million to Solar Firm Linked to the Pelosi Clan  Gateway Pundit 28 September 2011  ( hat tip Dr. Jim Brodsky, Dead Cats and Clippings )   Nancy Pelosi,72 years old, Net Worth […]

10 October 2012 0 Comments

Free Markets v Free Medicine –

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is presented as “free” health care.  In other words the government forces taxpayers to subsidize governmental institutions to deliver health care. At some level, PPACA promises to turn the cost curve downward. Free Market advocates say that free markets can provide more health care to more people at an […]

9 October 2012 0 Comments

Windmills in Arkansas – The Democratic Governor Colludes with Export-Import Bank For Brazilian Company

The Washington Free Beacon reports on the Statist policies of Arkansas’s Democratic Governor in collusion with the federal Export-Import Bank plans to finance a Brazilian “green energy’ windmill company with private tax-payer money. READ MORE How a foreign wind power company took tens of millions of U.S. dollars before laying-off hundreds of Americans Free Beacon […]

9 October 2012 0 Comments

Not All Catholics Are Communists Part 2- Tim Shaughnessy CatholicVote.Org

Thanks to the wonder of the Internet I found Catholic Vote.Org and Tim Shaughnessy An American Catholic challenges the collectivist, socialist, “Social Justice”  statement, which sounds more like Democratic Party Talking Points,  than the Biblical teachings, of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Labor Day 2012 Statement Placing Work and Workers at the Center […]