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14 April 2014 0 Comments

Penn State’s Billions – Welfare to the Wealthy

Penn State’s “For the Future” exceeds goal, raises $2.158 billion in private support Since its launch January 1, 2007,Penn State becomes one of 12 public U.S. universities to exceed a $2 billion campaign goal   READ MORE Penn State News April 12, 2014 Every year the Republican General Assembly transfers about 1/4 billion dollars of taxpayer money […]

9 March 2014 0 Comments

Republican Representative Daryl Metcalfe Votes AGAINST Welfare to the Wealthy

Representative Daryl Metcalfe voted against redistributing almost 1/2 Bbillion dollars to Favored Five  multi billion dollar private tax-exempt corporations. READ MORE The Liberty Blog 1 Jauary 2014 THE RECORD IS THE RECORD. This is the record as reported by the General Assembly itself.        District 12 Map  Republican, serving Butler County (Part) Member of the House  1999 to […]

8 March 2014 0 Comments

Republican Representative Daryl Metcalfe is The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friend – Rep. Metcalfe votes Against Act 89 of 2013 Corbett/Republican Tax Increase

      Representative Daryl Metcalfe  is voted AGAINST  Corbett’s $2.4 Bbillion dollar Tax Increase to fix Pennsylvania’s obvious crumbling roads and falling bridges.     House Vote Act 89 of 2013 (HB1060) 21 November 2013  Representative Daryl Metcalfe  voted NAY on Act 89 of 2013 This was a Vote FOR Liberty, Economic Freedom and the Forgotten Taxpayer.  Representative […]

7 March 2014 0 Comments

Republican (?) Ron Miller’s Five (5) Votes for Welfare To The Wealthy – The Favored Five Private Corporations Financed by Tax Dollars

  Ron Miller District 93 Map  Republican, serving York County (Part) Member of the House 1999 to date York  Representative Ron Miller’s  Five (5) Votes for Welfare to the Wealthy. This is the record as reported by the General Assembly itself.     Republican Representative Ron Miller voted YEA to give, that is, redistribute  almost 1/2 Bbillion Taxpayer Dollars to multi-billion dollar, private, tax-exempt corporations. […]

7 March 2014 1 Comment

Republican Representative David M. Maloney, Sr.’s Vote for Welfare to the Wealthy

      Berks County Representative David M. Maloney, Sr’s Five (5) Votes for Welfare to the Wealthy. District 130 Map Republican, serving Berks County (Part)Member of the House 2011 to date THE RECORD IS THE RECORD. This is the record as reported by the General Assembly itself.   Republican Representative David M. Maloney voted YEA to give, that is, […]

4 January 2014 0 Comments

Pennsylvania Farm Subsidies Naming Names

Environmental Working Group leans Left which doesn’t mean they can’t count or ignore data. EWG has put together a database of Farm Subsidies by state and by county naming names and amounts of taxpayer money our fellow citizens take from us.   Search by Names of Pennsylvanians receiving Farm subsidies.

1 January 2014 0 Comments

Welfare to the Wealthy Appropriations Act 10A to 14A gave almost 1/2 Billion Dollars to billionaire private tax-exempt corporations.

   The Republican Governor and the Republican General Assembly voted to give  tax-exempt multibillion dollar private corporation Penn State   $229, 694,000  taxpayer dollars by Act 10A of 2013  House vote 1 July 2013 SB725  This vote was 199 to 4 with real Republicans John McGinnis, Daryl Metcalfe Carl Metzgar and Democrat Haluska voting NAY […]

1 January 2014 0 Comments

Private Tax-Exempt Billion Dollar Corporation Given Nearly Quarter Billion Taxpayer Dollars by Republican General Assembly and Republican Governor

Penn State given  $229, 694,000 of  taxpayer dollars by Act 10 A of 2013   Republican Senator Corman is Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee. The Corman Dynasty has held the SD 34. Senator Corman is up for re-election November 2014.    Senator Jake Corman represents Penn State’s Centre County.   $229,694,000 (slightly less than ¼ Bbillion dollars) to […]

20 December 2013 0 Comments

MIND THE (Budget) GAP – WELFARE TO THE WEALTHY ½ Bbillion taxpayer dollars to private, tax-exempt billion dollar corporations year after year.

MINDING THE BUDGET GAP Pennsylvania faces a budget deficit of $1.2 -$1.4 billion. The highly competent Budget Secretary Zogby points to decline of 2,788 administrative staff positions, or 3.6 %, an astounding and unheralded accomplishment. Sec. Zogby points to Pensions as a threat the Commonwealth’s fisc (and Pennsylvania’s Forgotten Taxpayer). However, I think he misses […]

30 September 2012 0 Comments

General Motors – Taxpayer Financed Expands in China – Short History and Overview of General Motors in China

WSJ provide us with a historical  perspective in it’s overview of the Taxpayer, financed, General Motor’s Partnership with the Chinese government.  It also provides the same perspective on General Motor’s investments, operations and jobs. READ MORE Balancing the Give and Take in GM’s Chinese Partnership August 19, 201 WSJ Sharon Terlep “In a joint venture […]