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15 August 2012 0 Comments

The Enemy Within: Harrisburg Republican Leadership Part 1- The Union Republicans- Bonusgate Republicans – The Selling Out of Republican John McGinnis HD 79

The Enemy Within – Union Republicans- Bonusgate Republicans Harrisburg Leadership  Republicans- The Selling Out of Republican  Dr. John McGinnis (PhD Finance) HD 79 Altoona, Mitt Romney and  Tom Smith Union Republicans Mike Turzai, Dave Reed, Chad Weaver.,Adam Maust and HRCC refuse to provide financial support to Right to Work Republican Dr. Dr. John McGinnis (PhD […]

11 July 2012 0 Comments

Bonusgate Redux: Steve Stetler, Former Secretary of Revenue and State Representative Guilty

The breadth and depth of Bonusgate and its long term impact has not been fully realized nor covered by the media, particularly, in the southeast. Steve Stetler was found guilty of Bonusgate violations, using state funds to finance his personal, political campaign.READ MORE 27 June 2012          Some background Patriot-News 16 December […]

30 December 2011 0 Comments

Sen. Rafferty for AG: CasablancaPa Points to Some Vulnerabilities

Democratic CasablancaPa stays close to the facts and presents its case logically and with careful attention to detailed analysis. I find it hard to disagree with their conclusions. Sen.Rafferty has a vulnerability. Shocked. Shocked. That Republicans Misuse Taxpayer Money, too. It should be remembered that the House Republicans owe us $20 million. Sen. Rafferty is […]

29 December 2011 0 Comments

More Evidence That Democrats Can’t Be Trusted With Money: And Republican Misfeasance

More evidence that Democrats Can’t Be Trusted with Money – This is a multi-multi million embezzlement and fraud case. Democratic Sheriff John Green had been sheriff of Philadelphia and seems to have been less than obsessive compulsive with his bookkeeping. The headline lets us know that more charges can be expected. First criminal charges filed […]

26 October 2011 0 Comments

Bonusgate Part 9: Democrat Mike Veon is in Jail; et tu, Republicans – Campaigning at the Capitol

The ever informative and insightful CasablancaPa  has some data about Republican Campaigning at the Capitol . and here. and here Two names that cause The Forgotten Taxpayer to grab his or her wallet: Gordon Denlinger, Dave Millard and Tom Killion, both on the House Appropriations Committee as Majority members.    

25 October 2011 0 Comments

Bonusgate – Part 8: CasablancPa (and I) Count $20 Million Misappropriated (Stolen) by Team Perzel and House Republicans

CasablancaPa points out that the conventional main stream public media ( facetiously called “Capitol Hill Stenographers”) , repeatedly, reports John Perzel stole $10,000,000. I read the Attorney General’s Indictment the same way as CasablancaPa: the House Republicans misused $20,000,000 of government/taxpayer dollars for campaign purposes. The media reports John Perzel was indicted for $10 Million. […]

24 October 2011 0 Comments

Bonusgate Part 7: Computergate – Speaker Sam Smith, Clueless or Criminally Complicit?

Bonusgate and Computergate involve the theft of millions of dollars by our elected Harrisburg Representatives. When will they pay us back? “Bonusgate” is the name given to Democratic use of government/taxpayer money for bonuses to campaign workers. There is an argument that this was “business as usual” and everyone did it, like a funeral procession […]

23 October 2011 0 Comments

Bonusgate Part 6 -Senate Republicans: Equal Justice?

“The Senate Republicans have paid $2.5 million for outside legal fees in the bonus investigation. No one has been subpoenaed, said Senate GOP spokesman Erik Arneson.” Senate GOP leaders give criminal investigators thousands of documents Brad Bumsted, TRIBUNE-REVIEW Monday, September 12, 2011

22 October 2011 0 Comments

Bonusgate Part 5 -Brian Preski Pleads Guilty: The Mighty Have Fallen

Brian Preski was one of John Perzel’s closest and most trusted colleagues. Ex-Perzel aide enters surprise guilty plea October 5, 2011 PETER JACKSON, Associated Press “Preski, 46, a Philadelphia lawyer, made no statement to the court and declined to speak with reporters as he and his lawyer left the courthouse. His pleas carry no sentencing […]

21 October 2011 0 Comments

Bonusgate Part 4: Innocent Shannon Royer and House Republican District Operations

CasablancaPa is a reliable source of information about Bonusgate and related corruption. In this post, the authors point out that the House Republican District Operations were thinly disguised taxpayer financed private, partisan political work done for Republicans and John Perzel. Not charged or implicated in any wrong doing, Shannon Royer is now an employed by […]