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About Bob Guzzardi

After graduating from St. Joseph’s Preparatory School of Philadelphia in 1963, Bob went on to study at Georgetown University where he earned his B.A. in Philosophy in 1966. Upon discovering that there was little money in philosophizing, he decided to continue his education at Temple University School of Law, which he attended from 1966 -1969. In 1970, after successfully obtaining his Juris Doctorate of Law, he was admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar.

Bob supports a number of conservative candidates and causes for their emphasis on supply side economics (including effective tax cuts) and strong defense of Israel. Bob is a politically and socially active man who believes that ideas have power. This power is necessary to convey messages and form groups that will help educate and enlighten others.

Bob serves on the Boards of Middle East Forum, Zionist Organization of America and Yorktown University. Bob supports the Wynnewood Institute, Club for Growth; CAMERA and  his synagogue, Beth Hamedrosh in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania Bob has interests in residential and commercial real estate in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.