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Rob Gleason Bob Asher losers and the biggest loser Pat Toomey 2016

  republicanbrokenelephant  Rob Gleason and Bob Asher have  lost 10 out of 11 statewide races since 2012.

Presidential race, US Senate race, AG Race (first time ever), Auditor General, Treasurer in 2012

2014 – Gov. Corbett  lost (Only Republican Governor to lose in the USA in 2014)

2015- Gleason lost 5 statewide races on Tuesday- Judicial sweep.

And Gleason lost his own home County’s courthouse.   Cambria went back to the Democrats. His incompetent cronies  lost. 

Bob Asher lost the Board of Commissioners in his home town of Montgomery in 2011  and ALL row offices in 2015 

As long as Rob Gleason Bob Asher and their network of incompetent crony consultants like Ray Zaborney/Red Maverick, Long & Nyquist, Charlie GID Gerow, Hallowell and Branstetter are in control of the party, losses follow as the rest of the country wins for Republicans. 

Obama Destroys Democrats at State Level but NOT in Pennsylvania, where the Gleason-Asher network of incompetent cronies were paid big money to lose big. Gleason Asher destroy Pennsylvania Republicans.

Gleason Asher  crony Ray Zaborney of Red Maverick ran the campaigns of GleasonAsher endorsed Michael George who raise over $661,000 through September 2015 and Gleason Asher endorsed Judy Olson who raised far less: Raised $268,960 through Sept. 14.

Gleason Asher endorsed Anne Covey Raised $495,923 through Sept. 14. and lost

Gleason Asher endorsed  Emil Giordano Superior Court Raised $173,674 through Sept. 14 and lost

Gleason Asher endorsed Paul Lalley Commonwealth Court Raised $323,260 through Sept. 14.and lost.

TheShellacking by the numbers.

pattoomey stressed       He should be stressed.​
Sadly, this portends a loss for Pat Toomey in 2016

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