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Republican Leadership Selling Out the Forgotten Taxpayer ….again $2 Bbillion Tax Increase

 TAXPAYERSQUEEZED  Today Jimmy “Romney Will Win Pennsylvania” Lee of Susquehanna Partners, Republican Leadership’s “go to” pollster when they need a poll to prove what they want proven, has been commissioned by PSEA financed Republican Majority Leader Dave “I want to be Tom Wolf’s BFF” Reed to do a poll proving that Pennsylvanians want a $2.1 tax increase masquerading as a property tax cut.  Street hustling three card monte players are more trustworthy than these self-righteous phonies. 

twofaceddoubletalkersuit davereedr  Two Faced Double Talking Dave Reed, 7 terms from 2003 Indiana County (part), fronts for unions and ultra Big Government  Democrat Tom Wolf. Majority Leader Reed is leading the movement for a $2 billion tax increase.  Dave Reed, also, voted for the Corbett “gas tax” in the $2.5 billion dollar Highway and Transportation Act 89 of 2013 .

threecardmonte  Street hustling three card monte players have more integrity  than these self-righteous Republican phonies. 

 Republicanelephant  Is it a wonder that Republicans and the Taxpayers are losing in Pennsylvania? 

Statewide, Republican registration has declined by 320.430 from 2006 when Rob Gleason took control of state committee. Democrats increased their registration by 72, 430;  this is a swing of 392,860.


2006 3,900,685(D) 3,300,894(R) 36,070 (L)  17,762 (G) 3,046 (C) 924 ,419(Other)   8,182,876 (TOTAL)

2015 3,973,115 (D) 2,980,464  (R)  1,119,596 (other) 8,073,175(TOTAL) 


 taxpayersscrewed  Sad but not surprising, Republican Leadership, is it  not? 

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