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Senate Transportation Chairman John Rafferty, R-Montgomery, championed $7.5 billion tax increase, the biggest tax increase since Bob Casey Sr. 1991 $3 billion

Pennsylvania Okays Biggest Tax Hike in More Than Two Decades

By: Jim Panyard | November 22, 2013


Pennsylvania Okays Biggest Tax Hike in More Than Two Decades

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives Thursday passed a transportation funding package that will cost residents a cumulative $7.5 billion over the next five years, primarily in gasoline and diesel fuel tax increases and a wide variety of fee increases for motorists.The package has been pushed by Republican Gov. Tom Corbett, now seeking reelection, who promised in his 2010 campaign he would not raise taxes or fees. The measure passed the House 113-85 and was identical to a measure the House defeated twice on Monday night.The last tax increase of this magnitude was a $3 billion hike in business taxes engineered by the late Gov. Robert P. Casey, Sr., a Democrat, in 1991. That tax hike was in a single hit and remains today


Suicide Pact: Pennsylvania Republicans Ready $2.5 Billion Tax Increase

By: Jim Panyard | November 21, 2013  http://mediatrackers.org/pennsylvania/2013/11/21/suicide-pact-pennsylvania-republicans-ready-2-5-billion-tax-increase

 The vote on Senate Bill 1, championed by Senate Transportation Chairman John Rafferty, R-Montgomery, happened after about an hour of comments from senators on both sides of aisle. http://paindependent.com/2013/06/watchblog-senate-passes-2-5b-transportation-funding-package /

 WATCHBLOG: Senate passes $2.5B transportation funding package – PA…


Rafferty said that in order to get public support for Act 89, the Senate Transportation Committee went on the road. It held numerous meetings around the state for two years to inform people about what kind of improvements the Act would bring if it was passed.http://www.pennlive.com/pol…/index.ssf/2015/02/act_89.html

 Crumbling roads: New gas tax, increased fees means billions for Pa. bridge and…


John Rafferty engineered Highway tax Bipartisan Collusion: Corbett and Rendell collude with John Rafferty to hammer Pennsylvania motorists with higher taxes

Pennsylvania Increases Gas Tax, Modifies Prevailing Wage, Gives Transit Big Money


Fiscal Note House Committee on Appropriations Act 89 of 2013  HB 1060

$7.307 to $7.584 billion revenues/tax over five years


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