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Do we want lobbyist Foxes in the Attorney General’s Hen House? Cronyism and John Rafferty

  Mike Long and Todd Nyquist are John Rafferty’s campaign managers and have been entwined for more than 12 years when Rafferty was first elected to the Senate. 

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​John Rafferty Mike Long Two Peas in a Pod

Long and Nyquist are the  lobbyists for the deadly duo of Republican Corporate Cronies AND UFCWU1776logo Democratic Union Wendell Young IV’s United Food and Commercial Workers Union, the primary opponent to Liquor Control reform and, of course, pension reform in Pennsylvania.

PSEA logoRepublicans Long and Nyquist, also, lobby for the Pennsylvania State Education Association, the largest special interest in Pennsylvania and the largest funder of Democrats.  http://longnyquist.com/clients.shtml   


 And Nepotists. http://longnyquist.com/team.shtml

turzaiswear Who is Megan Callahan married to? Ask Speaker of the House Turzai. http://www.wpxi.com/news/news/local/why-were-broke-government-workers-making-100k-or-m/ndJxd

scarnatipic Who is Megan Compton married to?   Who employs Drew Compton and Casey Long?   President Pro Tem Joseph Scarnati can answer that. http://www.senatorscarnati.com/staff-listing-2/


Democrats at CasablancaPa give us some well-sourced analysis about John Rafferty, Mike Long, Todd Nyquist, Bonusgate, Turnpike Pay to Play http://casablancapa.blogspot.com/search?q=rafferty


CasablancaPa informs: http://casablancapa.blogspot.com/2011/12/maybe-rafferty-will-give-us-bonus-too.html FTA Long received more legislative bonus money than any other staffer of either party. (Tribune Review 2/1/07)  Not only did he perform an incredible amount of campaign work over the years, he was renowned solely for his political skills.  As a senior staffer who received enormous bonuses and with a long history of campaign work, Long is one of the suspects the state wide grand jury is still examining.

Furthermore, one of the “associates” in Long’s operation is Megan Crompton, the wife of Drew Crompton.  Mr. Crompton is the poster boy for the political bonuses doled out in 2006 by the Senate GOP caucus after receiving a $20,000 taxpayer-funded bonus for working four months on the Lynn Swann for Governor campaign in 2006. (Tribune Reveiw 2/4/07)


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