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Meanwhile in Pennsylvania ….Two Faced Double Talking John Rafferty Disingenuous…Harrisburg Hack John Rafferty wants to be Republican nominee for Attorney General.

John Rafferty wants the Republican endorsement for Pennsylvania Attorney General 

Two Faced Double Talker Corporate Crony and Union Endorsed — Higher Taxes for all 


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FTA  Rafferty, a Republican, has been accused of trying to kill the bill, SB 501, which would keep money from being involuntarily taken from the paychecks of public employees for political purposes.

The law would not stop the deduction of money for collective bargaining.

When the bill first came up for a vote in early March it failed 24-24. Sen. Scott Wagner (R-28) laid blame specifically at the feet of Rafferty and Dominic Pileggi (R-9), both of whom voted against the bill at the time.

“I have found Senator Rafferty to be the most disingenuous member of the Republican Caucus,” Wagner said. “To be honest and direct, I have watched Senator Rafferty repeatedly undermine our new leadership – Senator Rafferty is self-serving and badly wants to be Pennsylvania’s Attorney General.”


Corbett signs $2.3 billion Pa. transportation bill engineered by John Rafferty as Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee

raffertycorbettrendellgastax   (Democrat Ed Rendell and Republican Tom Corbett in the lobby of the Capitol Building promoting higher taxes for Pennsylvania Motorists and Commercial Truck Drivers.

​​Bipartisan Collusion: Corbett and Rendell collude with John Rafferty to hammer Pennsylvania motorists with higher taxes

Pennsylvania Increases Gas Tax, Modifies Prevailing Wage, Gives Transit Big Money

Posted on November 24, 2013 by Larry Ehl

FTA  Getting to final passage wasn’t easy. The House rejected a similar bill last week (103-98) before passing the bill the next day. “Without enough Republican votes, leaders knew they needed Democrats who – particularly in Philadelphia – were reluctant to vote against unions on the prevailing-wage provision. In a last-ditch push midday Monday, [Governor] Corbett mobilized union leaders, among them Philadelphia Building Trades business manager Pat Gillespie, and others, including former Gov. Ed Rendell, to join him at a rally in the Capitol to urge passage of the bill.” The Senate had approved the plan last June.

The vote on Senate Bill 1, championed by Senate Transportation Chairman John Rafferty, R-Montgomery, happened after about an hour of comments from senators on both sides of aisle.  Rafferty said that in order to get public support for Act 89, the Senate Transportation Committee went on the road. It held numerous meetings around the state for two years to inform people about what kind of improvements the Act would bring if it was passed.

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AFLCIOPENNAJohn Rafferty was endorsed by the AFL-CIO for Senate

  debtburdenwoman John Rafferty votes to authorize $27,000,000,000 new debt for Pennsylvania Taxpayers

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