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Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Endorse Democrat Tom Wolf and 18 Republicans: Naming Names

What does this tell us?

We recall that liquor business continues to be owned and operated by the state and the pension finances have not been reformed.

        Mike Vereb Montgomery County Republican Committee is financed by Democratic Union.


“Altogether, 18 State Rep. and 5 State Senate GOP nominees won the AFL-CIO nod.

The Republican from the upper chamber were Senators Tommy Tomlinson (SD-6), Robert Greenleaf (SD-12), Pat Brown (SD-16), Mario Scavello (SD-40) and John Rafferty Jr. (SD-44).

Meanwhile the GOP nominees for the State House are as follows: Jim Marshall (HD-14), Gene DiGirolamo (HD-18), Bernie O’Neill (HD-29), Robert Godshall (HD-53), Glen Grell (HD-87), John Payne (HD-106), David Millard (HD-109), Karen Boback (HD-117), Mike Peifer (HD-139), Frank Farry (HD-142), Marguerite Quinn (HD-143), Mike Vereb (HD-150), Thomas Murt (HD-152), Joe Hackett (HD-161), Nick Miccarelli (HD-162), William Adolph Jr. (HD-165), Thomas Killion (HD-168), and John Taylor (HD-177)

“We highly recommend these candidates for Pennsylvania’s working families,” said PA AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale. ‘We are confident that they will support us as we fight to grow and protect jobs and support policies that will improve opportunities and the quality of life of working families. From the top of the ticket – Tom Wolf for Governor – and throughout this ticket, we have an excellent choice of leaders who are committed to keeping workers on a level playing field and moving Pennsylvania forward.’ ”  READ MORE PoliticsPa Nick Field 14 July 2014


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