17 July 2014 0 Comments

Pennsylvania’s Gimmicky Budget

“An approximately $29 billion state government operating budget under negotiation in the Legislature is likely to be based on a fast-growing amount of one-time cash items to avoid the prospect of a tax increase that would split the House’s and Senate’s Republican majorities.

The one-time items — derided by critics as gimmicks — include raiding off-budget programs, postponing bills and cleaning out reserves.” Marc Levy Associated Press 28 June 2014

The House and Senate kicked the Pension Can down the road again and the Governor sent them a message. Good for him.

The Governor did use his Constituional line item veto:  “Corbett cut $65 million from the legislature’s operating budget of $330 million. He vetoed $7.2 million in designated legislative spending, including $5 million for legislative parking in Harrisburg.

The $65 million represents 43 percent of the legislature’s carefully guarded $150 million surplus. Leaders refused to give any of that money to taxpayers when balancing the budget and now must spend some of the surplus to operate, said Corbett.” Brad Bumsted  10 July 2014

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