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Pittsburgh Penguins Console Energy – Welfare to the Wealthy

Is this really necessary to the General Welfare? Promoting a multi multi millionaire energy company and a multi multi millionaire sports team is not in the public interest or that of The Forgotten Taxpayer who is forced to pay for something only an infinitesimal number of people, actually, use.  Meanwhile, pension reform is kicked down the road.

 ” Corbett’s press secretary Jay Pagni said the state must pay $5.6 million over the next five years — $946,000 more than anticipated in 2007. State taxpayers must absorb the increase because of a shortfall resulting from two downgrades of the bond insurer’s credit rating and an increase in the variable interest rate, he said. ”  Taxpayers on the hook for $1M more for Consol Energy Center lease 8 July 2014 Tribune Review

What, if any, is the impact of reducing spending, reducing borrowing and lowering taxes on the private, productive sector?

Is there any way to reduce government spending and government borrowing so that higher taxes will not be necessary?

There are billions and billions of other spending. Focusing on only one spending category, pensions, diverts attention from other opportunities to reduce spending. Bureaucracies and Corporate Welfare are expensive.

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