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Republicans Vote for Millions in Tax Credits for Left Wing Hollywood Multi Multi Millionaires

While budget faces dramatic $2.1 Billion Dollar Structural Deficit by 2018, these opportunists give special tax credits to politically favored few. If tax cuts for some create jobs and stimulate growth, why not tax credits for everyone. Level the playing field by eliminating special tax credits for millionaires.

                                                                                                                  Hollywood Vanity of Vanities….

What are they thinking?

Evankovich and Sankey ???  and Metcalfe????????

Saylor and Grove and Miller, naturally.

All the southeast except the reliable Dan Truitt and Marcy Toepel.

Jim “Mr. Righteous” Clymer!! votes YEA…the hypocrite who votes against selling liquor stores because, you know, it’s immoral.

Mike Vereb, of course….. what else would we expect?

Memo from uber Union Hack Jerry Stern Recapture of Unused Hollywood Film Tax Credits 

The Vote 




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