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The Difference between Tom Corbett and Me — Special Education Funding for Charter School and Cyber Charter School Funding- To Veto or Not To Veto

I will veto: Tom Corbett will not.

HB 2138 sponsored by Republican Representative Bernie O’Neill, a Bucks County Union Financed Republican and SB 1316 Republican Senator Pat Browne of Lehigh County, a Pileggi Ally and career hack. These bills are driven by the government teachers’ unions, PSEA and AFT.

  It is an outrage that Republican leadership is attempting to cut Special Education funding to Charter Schools and Cyber Charter Schools: in particular, to reduce funding for Special Education Students. I will not only not reduce funding to Charter Schools and Cyber Charter schools but I will do my best to increase funding.

This issue demonstrates the tremendous difference between Republican (?) Governor Corbett and me. This legislation in the House and Senate right now sponsored by the Governor’s Republican leadership that would cut funding for Special Education Students in half for any student attending a Pennsylvania Charter School.  All that money will be funneled into the already bloated local school districts reserve fund – currently at a combined $3.5 BILLION dollars.  I will veto these bills.  Governor Corbett will not.

I will not placate the demands of the powerful teachers unions and destroy the only public school choice options for every student in Pennsylvania.  And I certainly will not give in to the demands of the teachers union on the backs of the most vulnerable in our society – our 200,000 Special Education students.

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