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TempleU – Billionaire Private Corporation Financed by Millions of The Forgotten Taxpayer Money

TempleU   TempleU’s new Science and Technology Building

Millions of Taxpayer Dollars to Billionaires?  What sense does that make?

Temple University’s annual budget is $3.1 Billion Dollars

In order to pay for the Pension Spike, I propose to eliminate  to eliminate Welfare to Wealthy including $139, 917,000 that The Forgotten Taxpayer is forced to give to TempleU.

Giving millions to billionaire private corporations which are both tax-exempt and legally non-profit seems without merit or even against common sense.

Very glitzy and glamorous billionaire, TempleU, is it not? Whoopi Goldberg is an invited guest.

Does TempleU look like it needs more taxpayer  money?

The president’s salary alone is $450,000 and total compensation includes benefits. It is difficult to see why struggling taxpayers should be forced to finance the salary of the 1%.  The non-profit and tax-exempt TempleU hospital is paying some breathtaking salaries, too.

“[TempleU] is trying to build its football program into a nationally known brand and there are even plans to build a new on-campus football stadium.”  Exactly why is The Forgotten Taxpayer financing football?

Giving millions to billionaire private, tax-exempt corporations,  very profitable non-profits technically and legally non-profits, seems without merit or even against common sense.


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