14 April 2014 0 Comments

Penn State’s Billions – Welfare to the Wealthy

Penn State’s “For the Future” exceeds goal, raises $2.158 billion in private support Since its launch January 1, 2007,Penn State becomes one of 12 public U.S. universities to exceed a $2 billion campaign goal   READ MORE Penn State News April 12, 2014

Every year the Republican General Assembly transfers about 1/4 billion dollars of taxpayer money to Penn State, a private corporation with tax-exempt and non-profit privileges and an annual budget of $4.2 billion dollars a year and an endowment of more than $2 Bbillion.


Penn State is one of five politically favored private corporations with both tax-exempt and non-profit status. Does sending millions of dollars to billionaires make sense to you?

It infuriates this Forgotten Taxpayer.  Government dependency is corrosive whether to individuals or to billionaire private corporations. 

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